Fulfill your Quidditch dreams with the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Fulfill your Quidditch dreams with the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is a new Harry Potter game, based on the fictional sport from the hit novel series. Quidditch is a sport in the Wizarding World in which participants fly on broomsticks and try to catch a crooked yellow snitch. While the sport figures prominently in both the Harry Potter books and movies, it’s missing from the recently released open-world action RPG Hogwarts Legacy. Hogwarts Legacy has explained the reason for Quidditch’s absence, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting to bring the sport into the game. In the past, some evidence suggested that Quidditch was developed for the Hogwarts legacy, but the plan was eventually scrapped. So some fans are expecting Quidditch to appear in the game as DLC or possibly as a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is described as a fast-paced online multiplayer game that has been in development for several years. The lead developer on the project is Unbroken Studios, the team that helped Rocksteady develop Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Like other Harry Potter game projects, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will be released under Portkey Games. The game’s official release date has not been announced at this time, but interested readers can sign up for a limited trial on April 21-22. here. Quidditch Champions currently doesn’t have a trailer, but some CGI footage on the registration page shows the game to be in a cartoon style.


Information about the project is still quite scant. The game is aiming for a release on PC and console devices. Signing up for the trial brings up a selection of console devices including PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, but that doesn’t mean the game will release on all of these platforms. In addition, another detail revealed is that players will be able to create and customize the character according to their wishes.

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