Fun Knight is officially released, granting a genuine gift code that allows players to freely unleash

Fun Knight is officially released, granting a genuine gift code that allows players to freely unleash

After too many times for players to get “frustrated” waiting for the release information, NPH Funtap has officially allowed players to experience the Fun Knight: Super Fiendish Warrior game through a more optimized version, the most perfect at exactly 10am on 7/12.

Let’s take a look at the information you can’t miss when experiencing Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior

Super light installer, experience chibi graphics on any device

Until now, creating the conditions for the game to be compatible with low and mid-range models is something that not all playgrounds can do well, if so, the graphics are not fully optimized and make it not possible to bring the best “look” to the player.

Coming to Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior, players are immersed in the super cute world of “dwarf mushroom”. Where the main characters, Boss, NPC… are all designed in the form of chibi cartoons.


Although the game only owns 2D graphics platform, it still completely conquers those who love beauty with bright and youthful colors, and the sound is bold with the trend of exciting adventure.

Furthermore, Fun Knight: Super-Strength Warrior also allows players to experience on multiple platforms, from PC emulators, mobile devices to web browsers.
Dynamic style, more than 1000 fashion outfits.

If the graphics and activities are enough to make the player immersed and unable to stop, then the appearance feature of Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior will break the “hearts” of fashion lovers with more than 1000 fashion models designed with a variety of models of wings, hats, capes, aids, weapons, pets…


With boys wearing outfits of antiques, myths, machines, cool, and girls showing their beauty through every sexy, cute and dynamic outfit… Too many options for players to clearly show their style within the world of Fun Knight: Super Frenzy Warrior.
Mixing skills, creating your own recipe.

Creating gameplay in RPGs is always the challenge that game publishers always try to develop first, and NPH Funtap’s Fun Knight: Super Warrior has done it very well.


Specifically, with each character in the game, in addition to possessing 3 different skill sets, players can develop and create new skills by “merging” two skills together to create a powerful and optimized formula for the character itself. Remember that they are all randomly generated without any specific formula.
Unlock 5 characters, create your own path

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If they only hear about the fact that 1 player can control 5 characters at the same time, many people will surely say that this is just a traditional plot twist that the NPH game created to entice players to experience more.


But that’s the story when Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior hasn’t appeared yet. In this super entertaining playground, you will have a whole new challenge throughout your journey by upgrading and surpassing the power of 5 characters you possess. With each VIP level, you will receive 1 new character (up to 5) and VIP in the game, players can choose to upload or perform the tasks themselves to upgrade VIP at no cost. The playground that the farmers’ association is always looking for.

Non-stop activities: Unlimited boss fights day and night.

Joining Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior, players certainly won’t have to worry too much about “lack of energy” when this game possesses a series of extremely engaging PVE and PVP activities. Your job is to enjoy it all.​


Specifically, for those who like to experience the plot of the game, they can immediately participate in activities to overcome the copy (Ai Gia Mong Canh), climb the floors of the towers (Purgatory Giai The, Phu Van Thap, Tomb Sac Palace…) or show the PK level, Boss Vip hunting tactics experience (Metal Paintings).


There are many other exciting features and activities waiting for players to discover. What are you waiting for? Go straight to Fun Knight: Super Freaky Warrior to find new companions, trendy outfits, mysterious skill recipes and overcome all the difficulties and challenges ahead together.

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On the occasion of its release, Fun Knight: Super Fiend Warrior presents GameHub readers with a special series of gift codes:​

Do not forget that the game will also open a lot of new things on the day of the game release and the days after. Let’s join the battle and look forward to it!!!