G-Star 2022: Kim Chi Land Super Terrible Game Event Overview

G-Star 2022: Kim Chi Land Super Terrible Game Event Overview

The Bexco Convention Center became the busiest place in the city of Busan, Korea this morning (November 17) as thousands of gamers gathered here to participate in G-Star 2022, a regular gaming exhibition. The best years in the land of kimchi. This is the largest-scale G-Star event in the last 3 years and is held completely offline instead of online or half online and half offline as in previous years due to the pandemic.

Organized by the Korea Game Industry Association, G-Star 2022 attracted the participation of 987 game companies from 43 different countries with a total of 2,947 booths. The number of stalls this year has skyrocketed 112% compared to the number of 1,393 stalls last year.

Many of the world’s leading companies were present at this exhibition to introduce their new game and information technology products closer to users; can be mentioned as Nexon, Epic Games, Tiktok Korea hay infinite level – a subsidiary of Tencent Group… Within the 4-day framework of the exhibition, gamers will also have the opportunity to learn and experience many super new products from famous developers.

Let’s admire the series of cool photos from the opening day of G-Star 2022 with GameHub below!

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