G2 Mimi: The pearl “cut the heart” of the audience in the world of Valorant

Tuyển thủ Valorant G2 Mimi

G2 I – the most popular name in Valorant in the world today. Not only does she possess a look that catches every man’s heart, Mimi is also an excellent Valorant player in the frame. Game Changers VCT 2022. capturingfantasy.com brings you hot news today.

Who is G2 Mimi that is so hot?

Recently, the international Valorant community was extremely excited to witness a dramatic and eye-catching battle of two heavyweight fighters called G2 Gozen and Shopify Rebellion.

Mimi, Valorant G2 playerMimi, Valorant G2 player

However, what is worth mentioning here is not the strong shooting phase of the players, but the moment when G2 mimi Celebrate your goal by revealing an expression that couldn’t be cuter!

The “UwU” moment of the kitten G2 Mimi

Specifically, in the video that Valorant published on the official Twitter, before the 1v4 clutch situation in the match, the camera recorded a 22-second moment in which G2 mimi she looks extremely excited and excited for her goal and then she looks cute as a kitty with UwU expression

G2 Mimi shows UwU expressionG2 Mimi with UwU expression

G2 I Her real name is Michaela Lintrup, born on February 7, 1997 in Denmark. She is best known as a professional Valorant player for G2 Gozen.

More than just a Valorant player, G2 I he also has a wealth of experience in other esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with his years of winning competitions.

G2 Ibeautiful five senses

Before “holding on” to the VCT Game Changers tournament, G2 I I used to be a talented player competing in CS:GO professionally, an effective arm of many big teams like XSET, Team Secret, Assassins.

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For longtime viewers of eSports, especially the major Valorant tournaments in the world, you will certainly be no stranger to the cat’s terrifying aiming ability. G2 mimi Already. mimi known as a second fragmenter Valorant’s most terrible female village, even TenZ, had to admire G2 player Mimi’s “cleaning” skills.

G2 Mimi standard appearance G2 Mimi standard appearance

In the match against Shopify Rebellion, G2 I is an effective helping hand for the team G2 Gozen won defending champion Valorant in 2022.

With the rush of the claws, G2 I has single-handedly eliminated a number of soldiers from her team, worthy of being honored at the MVP gold table of the Valorant player category in 2022.

G2 Mimi and her teammates hold up the Valorant Championship TrophyG2 Mimi and her teammates hold up the Valorant Championship Trophy

I must say, G2 I It is the ideal role model for all players today. Both good, pretty and charming, who can’t blame him, right?

G2 IVisual beats in the heart of every male fan G2 I
G2 Idanish muse

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