GAM Esports officially announced the return of Optimus

GAM Esports officially announced the return of Optimus

Optimus is one of the earliest Vietnam League of Legends players, joining the professional arena in 2013 and becoming famous under the Saigon Jokers jersey. Optimus, one of the landmarks of Vietnamese League of Legends with his contributions during his professional career as well as his professional work behind the scenes. He is also one of the gods of GAM, as he was one of the first to lay the foundation for the team’s development from the very beginning. Especially in 2017, Optimus together with the GAM team had a legendary year, when they not only won all the national and regional titles, but also left a huge mark on the international arena, helping to define the name of Vietnam on the world map. of Sports.

VCS Summer 2022 is the leading professional LoL tournament in Vietnam, bringing together the top 8 teams competing with the determination to get 2 tickets to the world finals held in the USA after 2 years of absence from VCS in the The biggest League of Legends tournament, both the community at large and the teams are eager to show themselves on this international playing field.

GAM Esports is one of the most traditional teams in the VCS tournament with 6 times winning the main tournament title along with many outstanding achievements in the international tournaments they attend. GAM Esports had a successful first half of 2022 with an unbeaten streak at VCS Spring, an unprecedented tournament achievement. After that, he won the prestigious gold medal when he represented Vietnam at SEA GAMES 31 in League of Legends. All the expectations of the fans are focused on the team ahead of the VCS Summer 2022 tournament. After a series of failures after the first leg, the GAM members gradually found themselves undefeated in the second leg and successfully recovered first place after finishing the group stage.

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Although he still maintains a good track record, the GAM Esports Board of Directors still sees the outstanding issues, so an addition is badly needed at this time.

Mr. TK Nguyen – CEO of NRG Asia shared:

NRG Asia is pleased to welcome legendary GAM player Optimus into this legendary year. In preparation for Worlds, we wanted to bring in a veteran player who has had experience abroad and competed in the global arena to better prepare the team both in and out of the game. With the exception of Levi and Kiaya, all of our current players, including the coach, have never competed on the international stage. Also, I heard that Optimus has a huge fan base and I hope we can create a lot of interesting content. I hope GAM, Optimus and the fan community can join Rise As One in this legendary year!

After a long time, Optimus has returned to GAM Esports with the position of Performance Coach, thus supporting the players and the Training Council both tactically and competitively. GAM members have the most stable mindset going into the upcoming battles.

The next trip for GAM Esports will be to conquer the seventh national cup and the ticket to the world final in 2022. GAM and Optimus fans are very excited about this return of the team legend. Let’s hope together.

About NRG Asia
NRG Asia is the management, media and representation company for esports players on the rise in Southeast Asia, founded by a joint venture between NRG Esports and CMG.ASIA. NRG Asia completed the first deal to own the League of Legends team in Vietnam: GAM. With GAM being a 6-time team champion of the highest level tournament in Vietnam and a gold medal at SEA Games 31, NRG ASIA will provide resources, infrastructure and the goal of bringing back the League championship, the first world of Legends for GAM.

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