40 Glocc Recounts Tumbling Down Hill With The Game In Hot Pursuit

40 Glocc Recounts Tumbling Down Hill With The Game In Hot Pursuit
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The animosity between 40 Glocc and The Game has been well documented. In 2012, a video revealing The Game administering a rather one-sided beatdown to 40 Glocc surfaced on the internet, effectively hijacking the narrative. Since then, 40 has nursed a longstanding grudge, the likes of which elaborate Oldboy-esque revenge flicks are made of. A few days back, 40 sat down with Adam 22 for an extensive interview, holding nothing back as his tales unfold.

Emphasizing that the recorded fight was never a one-on-one, but rather the aftermath of a large-scale jumping, 40 maintains that he was lured into danger by his own publicist. Upon arriving at a house party in the Hollywood Hills, 40 Glocc crossed paths with The Game. “As I go to leave, I see my publicist on a balcony,” he begins. “She like ‘alright 40!’ I’m like, aight. As soon as I do that, I hear ‘turn up n***a!’ I’m like turn up? I see it’s [The Game]. I think I finna beat this tall lanky n***a up. I turn around and walk toward him, they thought I had a burner. Then that n***a was like ‘gimme that’ and they pass him a pistol. He was like ‘you heard me, I said turn up.'” 40 mimes cocking a gun.

“I can’t fight bullets n***a,” says Glocc. “I’ma tell you, it’s comedic because I’m dippin’! I’ma be in these situations and make the best of it. That’s why you see me in the video laughing, I’m trying to brush it off. When he’s chasing me, this n***a got a loaded pistol behind me. I already see we’re going down a long-ass steep concrete hill. I feel my legs, I know I finna lose balance. This n***a telling me like he a police officer: ‘freeze or I’ma shoot!’ I’m turn around like ‘n***a you better not shoot that gun!'”

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“I see this n***a’s long legs, but I’m diggin’ though,” laughs 40. “Then BLOOSH. I fall, tumble, had road rash all over all this shit. I get up, I’m like chill cuz. When I land, cuz had the burner on my forehead. I’m like ‘ay cuz, you don’t want to shoot!’ When I say ‘cuz’ everybody like OHHH! I Crip so much, I’ve been Crippin’ all my life, I’ma call you cuz on accident. I can’t even think of the n***a name cause he got the burner touching my forehead.” Despite his attempts to reason with Game, his inadvertent uses of “cuz” continued to rile up the entourage. “They eggin’ this n***a to shoot!”

As he tells it, he managed to convince Game to lower the gun, prompting fisticuffs to break out. Unfortunately for 40 Glocc, he was vastly outnumbered and beaten accordingly. Adam seems particularly blown away at what might have been, pointing out that if a famous rapper were to have murdered another rapper execution-style in the Hollywood Hills, it would be among the craziest things to ever happen in hip-hop. Check out the wild story approximately fifty-five minutes into the No Jumper podcast.