Gamers escape death thanks to Razer headsets

Gamers escape death thanks to Razer headsets

Gamer with Reddit account Enough_Dance_956 shared that when he was using the Razer Kraken headset at home, a stray bullet went through the window, ricocheted off the wall, and then into his head. Enough_Dance_956 could have been killed or seriously injured if it weren’t for the headphones to deflect the bullet. This player was lucky to survive with only a headache.

Enough_Dance_956 wrote in the Reddit post: “Hello everyone who has seen this post. I am trying to reach a Razer employee to express my sincere thanks. On Wednesday morning at 10:30am a bullet The stray flew out the window and hit the Razer Headset on my head. If it wasn’t for the quality of the headset, I would have died at 18. I can’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends will go through. I’m so lucky. I would have survived. If I moved an inch forward or backward, I’d be dead. Enough_Dance_956 made a second Reddit post with the image as proof of the incident.

Razer CEO Min Liang-Tan commented on the first post with the comment, “Wow, that’s crazy.” Razer then sent Enough_Dance_956 another headset to replace the ear. The audition was cut short in the incident.


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