How to Unlock and Utilize Face Tracking on Roblox

How to Unlock and Utilize Face Tracking on Roblox
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After years of anticipation, Roblox has finally introduced its long-awaited face tracking and facial animation feature. Although it is currently in beta mode and not accessible to all users, this article will guide you on how to gain access and make the most out of this exciting new addition.

Getting Face Tracking on Roblox

As is customary with beta features, Roblox is gradually rolling out face tracking to its users in phases. By implementing this controlled release, Roblox aims to minimize potential issues and allow developers to identify and troubleshoot any bugs that may arise during the initial months.

If you’ve been selected to participate in the face tracking beta, it is likely because you have verified your email address, completed your profile information, are an existing voice chat user, and are at least 13 years old. Unfortunately, users under 13 years old will not have access to the face tracking feature or voice chat. To check if your account has been chosen for the beta, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Roblox website or open the app and navigate to your profile settings by clicking the cog icon and selecting “Settings.”
  • Once in the Settings menu, choose “Privacy” from the submenu.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Microphone and Camera Input” section.
  • If you have access to face tracking, you will see two buttons: one with a microphone icon and one with a camera icon. The camera button will say “Use camera to animate your avatar with your movement.”
  • To activate face tracking, simply click the camera button, which will turn green and enable the feature.
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Utilizing Face Tracking on Roblox

Since face tracking and animation are relatively new features, not all Roblox experiences will have compatibility with them. Developers must explicitly enable face tracking for their experiences in their behind-the-scenes settings. Therefore, face tracking can only be utilized in experiences that have the appropriate camera icon under the Communication section on their About page.

Once you find yourself in an experience that supports face tracking, you may need to access your in-game settings to activate it. For example, in OMB Hangout, I had to navigate to my settings and select my computer’s camera to make face tracking work. Once activated, you should be able to move your face, blink, open your mouth, and more, with your avatar mirroring your real-time actions.

Safety of Roblox Face Tracking

When granting Roblox permission to utilize facial animation on your account, a pop-up message will appear, offering additional information about the feature’s safety. Clicking on the provided link will lead you to an information page containing the following statements:

  • “Roblox animation services analyze video of your face to detect movements of your facial features, such as closing your eyes, winking, opening your mouth, smiling, and frowning. This analysis is solely performed on your device and does not transmit data to Roblox or any third parties.”
  • “Roblox does not utilize the video of your face or the analysis of your facial movements to personally identify you. However, depending on your location, applicable laws might classify this data as a biometric identifier or biometric information.”
  • “Once the Roblox animation services analyze the video of your face and detect movements, this information is stored temporarily in memory solely to generate the animation key frames required for animating your avatar. Subsequently, the video and analysis data are erased from memory.”
  • “The video and analysis data used by Roblox’s animation services remain on your device and are not shared with Roblox or any third parties.”
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That concludes our quick guide on Roblox’s new face tracking feature and how to make use of it. If you have any additional questions regarding this feature, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to provide a prompt response.

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