Genshin Impact 2.4 Arrives With Lots Of Exciting Content Next Week

Genshin Impact 2.4 Arrives With Lots Of Exciting Content Next Week

Enkanomiya is a new area, quite creepy for those who have ever set foot here. This place is the ruins of an ancient country that was buried under water and sealed under Inazuma for thousands of years. Enkanomiya is a giant floating island found in the ocean that was once home to the ancestors of the Watatsumi Island people.

Enkanomiya has no sun, instead the traveler will have to find their way to an ancient ‘sun’ created by people who used to live there named Dainichi Mikoshi in the process of discovering riddles and the secret of the new area. In addition, the traveler will meet new enemies, namely the Deep Sea Dragon (Nang Bang, Thon Loi) and the Firefighter of the Abyss – Uyen Hoa.

As for the new characters, Genshin Impact 2.4 welcomes the arrival of Shenhe (5*), a spear-wielding character who belongs to the ice element and has the ability to increase ice damage to teammates. Shenhe’s Fury also allows her to buff her teammates’ Fury, Basic Attacks, and Heavy Attacks. The next new character is Yun Jin (4*). Yun Jin is a lava type, uses spears and has the ability to increase the strength of allies based on his own defense. Update 2.4 will also mark the return of the “national” faces Xiao, Ganyu and Zhongli.

To start the new year, the traveler will once again experience the Lantern Festival. Liyue Harbor will be filled with stalls, games, and other exciting activities. The rewards in the event are also quite generous: 10 Kings of Love, a chance to have one of eight four-star Liyue characters for free, and U Lan Tinh Dieu, a new skin for Ningguang. Also, the traveler can join together to help Ningguang and Liyue people to rebuild Quan Ngoc Cac in this event.


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