Genshin Impact Ends Cooperation With Voice Actor After Harassment Accusations

Genshin Impact Ends Cooperation With Voice Actor After Harassment Accusations

The character’s voice actor Tighnari was recently accused of sexual harassment by fans, including minors. On February 8, insiders made multiple allegations about Elliot Gindi on Twitter. The actor later confessed that some of the allegations were true, though he also insisted that he never “intentionally did anything to anyone who was underage.”

The allegations gained widespread attention when a former Gindi Discord and Twitch moderator shared a 19-page document of the chat logs of three alleged victims. The document lists various allegations, including emotional abuse, extortion and transgender comments made by Gindi against people between the end of 2022.


Today, Genshin Impact officially announced that Gindi will be ending his voice work for the character of Tighnari due to a “breach of contract.” As soon as the news of the accusations broke, fans and other voice actors and even the developers called for the case to be handled and Gindi had to face the consequences, like: replace all of her lines in the game. Players have suggested that people switch to a different dubbed version to avoid hearing Gindi’s voice.

Genshin Impact confirmed that Tighnari’s lines will be recorded by someone else: “We are currently in contact with the voice recording agency to resolve casting and re-recording issues. We will gradually replace Tighnari’s existing in-game dialogue and include new updates. in the respective announcements.

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