Genshin Impact: How To Build Sara

Genshin Impact: How To Build Sara

Genshin Impact 2.1 is officially released on September 1 and brings a lot of exciting content such as new locations, characters, and events. In addition to the two 5-star characters Raiden Shogun and Kokomi, the 4-star character Black Dance Arrow – Kujou Sara also attracts the attention of many players.
Sara is the current general of the Tenryō Association, in charge of Inazuma Castle’s security. But for her, helping Raiden Shogun reach “eternity” is the most important thing.

Sara is a Lightning Archer and can be built in two styles: Support and DPS.

– Weapon: Night Valve

– Holy Relic: Seal of Severance (set of 4)

The “portable battery” build allows Sara to use elemental abilities more frequently and effectively. Night’s Valve increases the damage of elemental abilities by 20% for 5 seconds after the basic attack; Increases basic attack damage by 20% after elemental abilities hit an enemy for 5 seconds. The Sacrifice Bow is another alternative with a 50% elemental ability cooldown refresh rate after cast.

Mark of Separation grants Sara 20% more elemental charge efficiency and increases rage skill damage based on 25% elemental charge efficiency (up to 75%). If Mark of Severance isn’t used, the 4-piece set like Thunder Rage is another suitable option for Sara. This holy relic set increases Overreaction, Inductance, and Superconductivity damage by 40%, and activating these elemental reactions reduces the elemental ability CD by 1 second.


– Weapon: Heavenly Wing

– Holy Relic: Ancient Tong That Ritual (4 Item Set)

Although Sara is not the most ideal DPS, this character will provide interesting experiences for players. The Sky Wing possesses the highest base attack of all the bows available in Genshin Impact. In addition, this weapon also increases attack speed, shock damage, and creates more damage for the character. The Black Flame Bow can replace the Sky Wing, if the player does not have this 5-star weapon.

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As for the holy relic, the Ancient Seven Deadly Ritual 4-piece set gives Sara and her allies 20% fury skill damage and 20% damage. Players can also use a 2-set combination of Gladiator and Endless Memories with the effect of increasing ATK by 18% for each set. Players should invest in Sara with more stats on attack rate, destructive damage, elemental charge efficiency, and a cup that increases Thunder elemental damage.