Genshin Impact: The god Nahida moved to League of Legends to play a meal!

Thảo thần Nahida

After a good night’s sleep, God of herbs Nahida Suddenly rising to the top of the hot topic on Reddit just because of his appearance in the League of Legends battle for a few minutes, players had a “cross-eyed” moment!

The god Thao Nahida “carried the hunched over team” LoL brothers!

Perhaps we no longer need to talk about the popularity of the Genshin Impact game, especially the never-ending attraction of Nahida, the latest champion released by Genshin recently. Not inferior to any name in the game industry, Genshin Impact still demonstrates the “heat” of this game through a series of super explosive reactions from players!

God of herbs NahidaGod of herbs Nahida

Recently, according to information from a personal account on Reddit, God of herbs Nahida suddenly appeared in the famous League of Legends game with high class combat with League of Legends generals. Not only does he possess great strength in the Genshin Origin District, Nahida also showed the outstanding strength of him in the League of Legends arena!

The god Nahida was dubbed the “magic card” in Genshin Impact when NPH had just released her, and she fully embraced the general’s superior abilities. Nahida was released in the game Genshin Impact in the last part to perfect the elemental in the element chain, a champion with great power that puts opponents on their guard.

God of herbs NahidaGod of herbs Nahida

However, players have recently discovered that she is not only a very powerful general in Genshin Impact, God of herbs Nahida and “lead the hunched team” in the town of Summoner Rift when you fight the League of Legends champion.

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It’s really small but mighty guys!

The story is that there was a young man who was too free to know what to do, his ability to “moderate” naturally exploded, so he put together two League of Legends games with Genshin Impact, unexpectedly with this magical combination, this young man woke up and I suddenly became a celebrity because of the top creative phase of the top!

Thao god Nahida hot topic after one nightThao god Nahida hot topic after one night

At present, this guy’s Reddit personal ad continues to increase the number of interactions continuously, which shows that players are also very interested in this combination. What do you see?

Goddess of herbs Nahida It not only possesses gloomy abilities like other skin mod versions, in this mod, it also promotes the ultimate move so you can admire the movement animation!

It didn’t stop there when we went down to the comments, many young people mentioned BeryL with something like “Don’t let him see this post, he’s freaking out!”.

BeryL is known to be a genuine wibu god, who flew hundreds of kilometers to Korea only to find nahida without waiting for the Blue Dragon brothers to get back together, what a “cold brotherhood”!

big fan of weed Nahida BeryLwhat’s your name when it’s not natural dzayyy?? – Beryl said.

Goddess of herbs Nahida It’s already a hot topic, after one night suddenly the attraction is stronger than a magnet, so Beryl It’s also a waste not to love it, if it’s great I’ll prioritize it guys :)))

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