How to Resolve Genshin Impact Game Files Download Error and Enjoy a Smooth Gaming Experience

How to Resolve Genshin Impact Game Files Download Error and Enjoy a Smooth Gaming Experience
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As Genshin Impact continues to captivate gamers worldwide, it unfortunately comes with its fair share of errors, including the frustrating Genshin Impact Game Files Verification Error. This recurring issue seems to affect players across different versions of the game, hindering their seamless Genshin Impact experience. In addition to the notorious Genshin Impact error code 31-4302 and lag problems, this error poses yet another obstacle. The error occurs after downloading the game, when attempting to launch it, displaying the message “Game file verification error. Select ‘Retry’ to try again.” But fret not, as we have the solutions you need. Read on for all the essential information.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Game Files Download Error on PC

This common and persistent problem in Genshin Impact can be resolved effectively with a few tried-and-true methods. If clicking “Retry” hasn’t been successful, consider the following solutions:

Grant Administrator Privileges to Genshin Impact

Granting administrator privileges to Genshin Impact on your PC is a good starting point. The game requires this level of access to run properly. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the Genshin Impact executable file, then select Properties.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab, and check the box that says Run this program as an administrator.
  • Restart the game.
  • If the issue persists, try the following:
    • On your search bar, type command prompt and select “run as administrator.”
    • On the command prompt window, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
    • Perform a system reboot and log in to your admin account (typically your main Windows account).
    • Once completed, attempt to launch the game again.
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Temporarily Disable Antivirus

Temporarily disabling your antivirus software can make a difference, especially if the previous fix didn’t work.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Game

If a file was corrupted during the initial download, uninstalling and reinstalling the game might solve the issue.

Use a VPN to Re-download Game Files

Consider using a VPN to re-download the game files if you’re experiencing connection issues with the Genshin server in your area.

Manually Unzip the Downloaded Game Files

As an alternative to using the launcher, you can try manually unzipping the downloaded game files. Follow these steps:

  • Find and open the Genshin Impact game folder.
  • Unzip the Genshin Impact compressed file to the same location.
  • Go to the unzipped folder and launch the game.

If none of these solutions work, reaching out to customer support may provide additional assistance.

What Causes the Genshin Impact Game Files Download Error?

This error can be attributed to various factors. The constant reappearance of the error with each game update suggests that it runs deep. However, it’s important to note that the issue may stem from your computer’s configuration as much as any fault with the game. Here are the most common causes of the file verification error:

  • Lack of administrator privileges for the game, which are essential for proper game execution.
  • Overzealous firewall or antivirus software that interferes with the launcher’s functionality.
  • Internet connection issues that can result in corrupted game file downloads. This could be due to problems with your connection or even the Genshin servers.
  • Improper installation of game files by the launcher.
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These are the usual culprits behind the Genshin Impact Game Files error. With our tips, you’ll hopefully be able to resolve the issue and immerse yourself once again in the captivating world of Teyvat.

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That concludes our guide on how to fix the Genshin Impact Game Files download error. For more helpful tips and tricks, be sure to explore our comprehensive guide on Steam Deck. Happy gaming!