[Giftcode] Blockbuster Pursuit PC released a cool new version after more than 1 month of official release

[Giftcode] Blockbuster Pursuit PC released a cool new version after more than 1 month of official release

For fans of superhero movies, the phrase “Infinity War” is probably nothing new. However, FPS players will still experience a infinity war completely different and vivid reality, that each of us will become a main character in the middle of that fiery battlefield. That is infinity war on PC Pursuit, the version name of the new PVE game mode, will be officially released on August 10, 2023.

The new version PVE – Infinity War will be released on August 10, 2023

Not just the same name, the banner image of the PVE version: Infinity War is also somewhat similar to the design of the previous superhero squad. With inspiration, each gunner is a superhero in the middle of the battlefield.

The new version is led by a novel and engaging story. Under the impact of ever densely growing Boundary Points, a series of changes in terrain, weather, malignant genetic mutations, and strange spatial regions make Earth chaotic. . Countries and many major players have decided to launch military campaigns, especially to mobilize forces to form “DPC” (Isolation and Purge Squad) teams to deal with invasive events on Earth. From there, the battles began to break out continuously, the legend named infinity war begins to be born here.

The PC version of Infinity War offers an inspiring story: “The world needs heroes”

PVE mode in-game screenshot: Fight with monsters full of drama, but only the best will survive to the end.

PVE is an abbreviation for the phrase player versus environment. This is quite a popular game mode among Vietnamese players, which allows participants to enter the game world by themselves through activities and tasks to receive rewards. in PVE in PC Chase, gunners need to skillfully coordinate various skills, combine teammates to fight. And live in a strange battlefield full of monsters and bosses, enemies must be defeated to receive rewards.

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Team up with your friends and form a DPC (Isolation and Purge) squad to explore the sci-fi movie world and experience intense battles. In particular, a variety of characters, weapons, new maps and many attractive gifts await you.

With thorny monster image building and eye-catching skill effects, the game contributes to helping players increase the feeling of conquest, increasing the difficulty to challenge.

In addition, to give the most general information about this new version, the game has also launched an in-game landing page with complete events, buying combos at a discounted price, which can be accessed by gunners. NOW HERE.

On the occasion of the launch of Infinity War, PC Pursuit presents GameHub readers with a series of gift codes to celebrate the new version:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights of the upcoming PVE mode:

  • Emphasize teamwork and competition: Dramatic storyline, lots of climaxes, lively gameplay, and ranking mechanism.

  • Miscellaneous combat: Rich growth mechanics, a variety of game options full of monsters. Suitable for a variety of play styles to provide a multidimensional experience.

  • Tactical Variation: Each map will require different tactics.

  • dramatic plot: Carefully built down to the smallest scenes, the game’s context provides players with a post-apocalyptic world. In particular, the Kowloon map update and the monsters are designed with touch.

  • Cinema experience: Meticulously crafted boss battles with quality enhancements combined with detailed storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and movie details promise a truly immersive and satisfying cinematic experience for players and teammates alike.

  • Compatible with low-end machines: Smooth gaming experience even at low settings.

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Plus, with the friendly PVE community, ADCs can share achievements – there are even plenty of achievements for brothers to “flex” on each other!

  • 3 person team limit: Help meet the needs of players, encourage cooperation among teammates to meet challenges, and relieve pressure with friends.

  • Demonstration of individual skills: Many technical achievements to challenge the limits of the players.

  • Free change mechanism: Players are completely free to trade materials and ability tokens.

PVE version: Infinity War will officially release to players on August 10, 2023, shooters remember to follow the official information channels of PC Chase so don’t miss any events and don’t forget to visit the in-game landing to purchase a combo of weapon items at a discounted price (this 8/10 will return to original price)!​