The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Gigantic Heroes

The best Gigantic heroes
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With the rise of MOBAs and hero shooters, Gigantic has emerged as a strategic and captivating free-to-play hero shooter. Combining the tactical depth of a MOBA and the diverse characters of Overwatch, Gigantic offers an exhilarating gaming experience. While it may not boast a massive roster like Dota 2, the game still provides 20 unique and exciting heroes to choose from. To help you get a head start in Gigantic, we’ve put together a guide to the best heroes in each role. So, let’s dive in and explore the extraordinary world of Gigantic!

Best Gigantic Front Line Heroes

Best: Pakko

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Pakko, despite his cuddly appearance, is a force to be reckoned with on the front line. With his high defense and speed, Pakko excels at charging into enemy territory while supporting your summoned creatures. His ability to create an icy path with Frost Path can turn the tides of battle in your favor. By using Snowball Toss or Breath of Frigid Air, you can debuff your opponents’ speed and rush past them towards your objective. Pakko’s combination of high defense, speed, and strategic abilities make him an excellent hero to dominate the front line.

Alternate: Lord Knossos

the best gigantic heroes lord knossos

Lord Knossos, although recently nerfed, remains a formidable hero in Gigantic. His offensive abilities make him the perfect choice for beat-’em-up fans who enjoy getting into the heart of the action. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between aggression and self-preservation, as his health doesn’t match that of tank characters. Utilize Bull Rush to increase your speed and support your team during a rampage. Lord Knossos is a versatile hero who excels when paired with support or ranged characters.

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Best Gigantic Ranged Heroes

Best: HK-206

the best gigantic heroes hk-206

HK-206 is a heavyweight hero and an ideal choice for players who enjoy the shooter genre. With his machine gun and rocket abilities, HK-206 delivers devastating damage to his foes. You can rain down bullet hell on your opponents by combining Bullet Barrage and Rail Gun. Mortar and S.W.A.R.M. can clear out groups of enemies efficiently. HK-206 truly shines when using Fortify, as it boosts your defense and accuracy, making you an unstoppable force. With strategic placement and the support of your team, HK-206 can dominate the battlefield.

Alternate: Beckett

the best gigantic heroes beckett

Beckett is a versatile ranged hero who excels in mobility and adaptability. Her ability to switch between machine pistols and cannons allows you to utilize the most effective weapon for each situation. Beckett’s Jetpack provides aerial advantage, enabling you to control the battlefield and quickly reach advantageous positions. Her playstyle depends on map awareness and weapon selection, making her an exciting choice for Gigantic players seeking a versatile ranged hero.

Best Gigantic Support Heroes

Best: Vadasi

the best gigantic heroes vadasi

Vadasi may start off weak due to her pure support role and lack of self-defense, but her potential for exceptional healing makes her an invaluable asset on the battlefield. Concentrate your healing on allies with low health, using your regenerative powers strategically. Upgrade your ability to create spirit orbs using health wisely, as it can greatly enhance your support capabilities. Vadasi requires careful positioning and awareness to excel as a support hero.

Alternate: Uncle Sven

Uncle Sven’s abilities revolve around throwing liquids with various effects. His versatility and healing powers make him a valuable asset to the team. While Vadasi focuses on pure healing, Uncle Sven offers a balance between support and offensive capabilities. His ability to create healing areas and inflict damage with his attacks allows for diverse gameplay. Master Vadasi before exploring Uncle Sven to diversify your support role.

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Best Gigantic Assassin Heroes

Best: Tripp

the best gigantic heroes tripp

Tripp, the epitome of an assassin, requires finesse and skill to excel. As a squishier character, Tripp relies on her agility and stealth to outmaneuver opponents. Utilize Flashdance to become invisible, granting you the element of surprise. By quickly dealing damage with Lightning Strikes and Plasma Blades, you can incapacitate enemies and make a swift escape. Tripp’s hit-and-run tactics are essential to success, making her a rewarding choice for experienced players.

Alternate: Tyto The Swift

the best gigantic heroes tyto the swift

Tyto The Swift shares similarities with Tripp but offers a unique playstyle. With superior agility and movement speed, Tyto excels at flanking enemies and dealing swift damage. Use his Swoop ability to surprise opponents and inflict quick damage. Tyto’s playstyle revolves around exploiting weaknesses in the enemy’s defense and swiftly retreating. With practice and cunning, Tyto The Swift can become a relentless force on the battlefield.

There you have it! Our suggestions for the best heroes to play in Gigantic. Remember to adapt your playstyle to each hero’s unique abilities and roles. Now, go forth and conquer the battlefield with your chosen heroes in Gigantic!

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