Go back to childhood with a series of PS1 games on Xbox

Go back to childhood with a series of PS1 games on Xbox

Xbox users will be able to experience some PlayStation 1 games in the near future thanks to a new cloud-based service called Antstream Arcade. The service is currently available with two classic PlayStation 1 games at launch, along with over 1,000 other classic titles from the ’80s and ’90s.

Microsoft partners with the Antstream Arcade service to bring more than 1,300 classic video games to the Xbox ecosystem. The service offers games from a variety of consoles, including PlayStation 1. Antstream Arcade currently offers two PS1 games: “40 Winks,” a 3D platformer about brothers Ruff and Tuble as they venture into a dream world, and “Loaded,” a top-down shooter featuring six unique characters.

As revealed during the latest Antstream Connect event, more classic PlayStation games are coming to Antstream Arcade in the near future. Games that are said to be gone forever, like “Glover”, a unique platformer where a magical four-fingered gauntlet goes on a quest to restore his kingdom or “Murder, Death, Kill”, a third-person shooter with smooth 3D gameplay. The super classic Worms will also return, offering a classic 2D team-based strategy game. In addition, Reloaded, the sequel to Loaded, is also included in the service. Antstream has yet to confirm when PS1 games will arrive on the service, but the service has promised a plethora of games will appear as soon as each title is ready for release.

Users can purchase access to Antstream Arcade for $29.99 USD/year or $79.99 USD to unlock it permanently. Currently, the service owns more than 15 classic systems from Atari, Sega Genesis to Super Nintendo.

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