Goat Simulator 3: Laugh with the world’s dumbest goats!

Goat Simulator 3

If we have to mention the super fun game, here we would like to introduce to the other players a super product called goat simulator 3 – the game deserves to be awarded the comedy Oscar of the year. Continuing this series of popular simulation games, goat simulator 3 As promised…it’s still as crazy as the previous part, but what more do you want :))))

goat simulator 3a mindless goat

Goat Simulator 3: Play hard with the funniest goats in the world

goat simulator 3 is a “gut” founded by Coffee Stain Studios and released worldwide. In November 2022, this “Pretend to be a Goat” game was officially picked up by the creator at Summer Game Fest to officially announce the release and promote the image of goats who couldn’t be more geeky.

I have the same role but… it’s weird

Because it is set up as an RPG, the simulation must goat simulator 3 “allowing” you to transform into… a real goat. That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong, in the game you will do everything, each task like a goat, neither more nor less.

The game takes place on a fictional island called San Angora, where this goat lives and resides. Compared to previous versions, goat simulator 3 The game has made good progress, the game has invested in a large environmental space with many different interesting zones. The map of this part 3 is also expanded more than its predecessors, in terms of scale and content, there is a significant investment.

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goat simulator 3eat grass in ignorance

The gameplay is super fun…

goat simulator 3 cIt also establishes the same gameplay as the previous versions, it is an action game played in a third-person perspective, with the task of playing the role of a goat to destroy the village, as simple as that. The game mechanics are designed very funny, for example, you will have to lick like a real goat, use your head to head butt, then fly and jump to explore the island of Saint Angora…

goat simulator 3destroy village destroy village 1

The life of a goat is nothing more than getting up early in the morning, eating a piece of natural green for breakfast in the field, then going out to play and then coming back, but nothing more. Besides, goat simulator 3 will give you a chance to invite some friends to be goats to destroy the village (max 4 people), let’s be ignorant together :))))

goat simulator 3breaking village breaking village 2

goat simulator 3 In addition, there are also many goat characters for you to choose from, you can choose goats like long-legged goat, striped goat, angry arrow goat, unstable goat, eccentric goat… and also Many other goat species are waiting for you. to discover. In addition, you can also customize body parts like goat horns, goat legs. With so much flexibility to customize the goat character, you will create a unique mindless goat in the world!

goat simulator 3The outfit could not be more crazy

Be ignorant in your own way!

goat simulator 3 Go ahead to be a goat who is brainless, innocent by green pastures, go to places like open fields, where streams run, where the lake is poetic and performs brainless tasks. Inferiority of a goat. If you are tired, stop and rest, but if you are tired, you will become less and less lazy.

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goat simulator 3It’s okay to sit on the lake shore

Set it up to bring Goat Simulator 3 into your home

Do you want to be a mindless goat in goat simulator 3 Then you need to check your PC according to the requirements below, all.

minimal configuration

Operating system: Windows 10
CPU: i5 4690k
Graphics: GTX 1050Ti (4GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Available capacity: 12GB

maximum configuration

Operating system: Windows 10
CPU: i5 9400F
Graphics: GTX 1070 Ti (8GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Available capacity: 12GB

Download Goat Simulator 3

Please let ignorant people in to be stupid goats :>


In general, I have a lot of respect for whoever came up with a simulation game like no other, but goat simulator 3 Is it worth playing an RPG, maybe after working hours for the capital, maybe we want to entertain ourselves by simulating a goat? In general, the game is also great, play it, and then find out how ignorant you are :))))

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