God Nahida reached the top of the sales chart, reaching a banner record!

God Nahida reached the top of the sales chart, reaching a banner record!

No wonder it’s hot God of herbs Nahida Recently, when it was revealed just 1 month ago, the search index of this herbal shop has taken over a number of social networking sites, wherever you go, everyone wins. nahida extremely!

Crystallization of Nahida white herbs

After Nahida’s breakthrough, many Genshin people on their heads jumped towards the thunder god. Raiden Shogun – the character who used to call the rain to call the wind in the story, creating a great success for the game genshin impact. However, for a more in-depth discussion of the progress of nahida I’m sure his charm is expected to be even more explosive than Raiden sunbaenim.

Goddess of herbs NahidaGoddess of herbs Nahida

In Genshin version 3.2, Nahida was the next character to appear in the Thao elemental system, completing the elemental system puzzle in Genshin. As soon as he appeared, Nahida created a strong tidal wave, family and friends all over the world stood still with this super cute beauty of cheese sticks, which made Nahida earn a large amount of income despite his debut. Not long ago.

numbers can speak

As soon as the first banner was released, Nahida quickly reached over 5 USD on the first day (about 130 billion VND), of course, compared to Venti and Raiden’s banner, Nahida was more than enough to kick them out. both. roost one one!

And yet, that number still pales in comparison to Nahida’s accomplishments. Just after 5 days of release, Nahida’s revenue for Hoyoverse “president” reached $22.6 million. Wow, a number that makes my head ache…

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Goddess of herbs NahidaThe escalator seems to give me a headache… (photo: genshinlab)

How expensive is Nahida’s skill set?

Introduced as a 500-year-old Thao-type angel, Nahida possesses a trademark image and petite girlish appearance, enough to defeat the best gacha. Every time Nahida launches an attack, in addition to the effect of defeating the opponent, she also has the effect of being cute, enough to understand why Nahida is hot.

Goddess of herbs NahidaThe innocent and pretty features of the herbal element.

Because he is a high-class 5-star character, he can not only grant the Thao elemental seal continuously to the enemy team, God of herbs Nahida You can also receive a large flow buff on allies. In addition, Nahida’s fate is also highly appreciated, so it is not strange that she is hot at this time.

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