God of War Ragnarok: Unanswered mysteries?

God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok is the final part marking the long journey of God of War game series, a simulation world of mysterious mythological images. Buried deep in the land of the mythical record of Ragnarok, how many souls, how many mysterious stories, can’t we forever find the answer? Let’s learn these mysteries with capturingfantasy.com

Is the mission of the character Kratos the “second Odin”?

In the post-credits part of the game, before the transition of Kratos and Freya, we will discover an image of a god hanging on the wall.

The mysterious painting of Kratos

However, if you look closely, it is Kratos, the character depicted in the middle of the image with the image of a revered god. Many theories suggest that Kratos is the character said to be a ‘second Odin’, a god who is later worshiped and respected by all people.

god of war ragnarokGod of War Ragnarok – Kratos

Kratos is one of the main characters in the game, but no one dares to think of naming him a god. Even this theory can be considered crazy and not real, when Kratos’ life always has a thought of wanting to take revenge on the gods without caring about anyone.

Is Kratos really the god of Norse mythology in god of war ragnarokreplacing the character Odin?

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Atreus found the giants.

Atreus is the next character to be included in one of the mysteries of god of war ragnarok with the details that Atreus decided to leave his father to find the giant.

god of war ragnarokGod of War Ragnarok – Atreus

performance engine?

Currently, this detail about Atreus’s motive for doing this has not been clarified, but many believe that it is the character who holds the bag that contains the balls that can revive the giant.

It’s unclear if the giant is still alive, but what if Atreus can find the giant’s corpses?

Why does Odin pursue the knowledge of the creator?

Kratos is a Greek god, but somehow he was able to travel to Norse mythology, a god respected by many in the world. God of war Ragnarok.

god of war ragnarokgod of war ragnarok

Is Odin really the main engine behind these events? Is Odin getting involved and looking for something here?

The relationship between Freyr and the sword Ingrid

In god of war ragnarok, Arriving in Asgard, Odin gave Atreus the sword Ingrid, however, Atreus is unclear about the purpose of this act, nor the origin of this sword.

During the ensuing conflict, Freyr mentioned something related to the Ingrid sword. Was it the magic sword that Freyr possessed long ago?

god of war ragnarokFreyr and the sword Ingrid

mimir’s body

Mimir now only has one head left as he lived for a long time much later in God of War Ragnarok. However, many argue that it is more feasible for Atreus to give Mimir a full body than to give Fenrir the body of a dog god. Mimir will become stronger and have the transformation ability of the god Odin.

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god of war ragnarokMimir’s head in the hand of Kratos in God of War 2018

The story of Faye and Kratos

God of War 2018 still has a mystery that remains unanswered, which is the story between two characters, Faye and Kratos. Until god of war ragnarokthe facts about Faye’s character remains a mysterious number when we’ve always wondered why she willingly took over Kratos, such a brutal god-slaying wolf.

god of war ragnarokgod of war ragnarok

Faye once reported a dream in Kratos’s dream and this opened up the entire plot of God of War Ragnarok for the player. However, the question is, is Faye really dead or is her soul still wandering in search of a perfect body to parasitize?


god of war ragnarok Currently, it is one of the games that has achieved great success in exploiting the content related to Norse mythology, in which the character that brings the most mysteries is Kratos, the origin of the stories, the story cannot find an end.

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