The Nestinars — Grey Eminence

The Nestinars — Grey Eminence
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Frequently Asked Questions

▼When is the Closed Alpha commencing?

We’re not ready to announce a date just yet, but it’s at least a couple of months away.

▼How can I get access to the Closed Alpha when it comes out?

You need to have supported us on Patreon enough to receive the game at launch and to have an active subscription (at any tier).

▼How long has Grey Eminence been in development?

We have been developing Grey Eminence since 2019, with full-time development starting in 2020.

▼How is Grey Eminence different from existing grand strategies?

Grey Eminence covers the vast timespan from 1356 to 1956. It also features a world of 1,000,000 hexagonal tiles, far larger than any previous game. All of Grey Eminence’s mechanics simulate real data, like population, goods, and armies.

▼Which countries will I be able to play as?

You can choose to play as any country that existed in 1356, from mighty empires to lowly vassal counts. In Grey Eminence, countries are not monoliths, so you can play as countries within countries (e.g., one of the numerous sub-states of the Holy Roman Empire).

▼Will I be able to interact with tiles during the game?

Yes! You can interact with individual tiles through all of the game’s systems, like population, economy, and diplomacy. Higher-level geographical units (like provinces, which contain multiple tiles) exist only to reduce micromanagement by helping you enact top-down decisions faster.

▼Will armies be physically present on the map. Is total war the only type of war? Will war use logistics?

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Armies will be physically present on the map! Total war is only one of multiple types of conflict that exists in Grey Eminence. All forms of conflict will be heavily dependent on logistics (which is also present for the economic simulation).

▼Will new countries / religions / cultures appear during the course of the game?

Yes! Grey Eminence has mechanics in place that will simulate the emergence of new cultures, religions, and countries.

▼Will players have to deal with internal management / politics?

Yes! Our goal with Grey Eminence is to make peacetime as exciting (if not more) than wartime, so we have included multiple mechanics around managing internal stability.

▼Will Grey Eminence support multiplayer?


▼Why do the graphics look bad? / Why is the map wrong?

We are still in the early stages of developing graphics and building out the default 1356 world. None of what you see, graphics- or history-wise is final.

▼Will I have to learn C# to make mods for Grey Eminence?

No. Grey Eminence comes with a built-in world editor where you can make content changes (e.g., adding new countries, cultures, religions, events, etc.) without having to code them. You’ll only need to know C# if you want to make very advanced mods that modify the game’s core systems.

▼Will Grey Eminence be translated in my language?

Currently, we’re only supporting English. However, custom localization can be added via mods.

▼When will Grey Eminence be ready?

Grey Eminence is at least 1 year away from completion. We intend on releasing the game in a fully-finished and well-polished state, so release timing is subject to change.

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