Guardians of the Galaxy: Conquering Every Boss in the Boss Compendium

Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Beat Every Boss | Boss Compendium

Guardians of the Galaxy Bosses

Guardians of the Galaxy is not your typical third-person shooter. Instead of relying on waist-high cover, you’ll need to strategically coordinate your team’s explosive special abilities to overcome even the most formidable adversaries. While regular bad guys can already give you a run for your money, it’s the massive monsters and special bosses that truly test your skills. Prepare to encounter some of the strangest creatures from the Marvel Universe and face off against some of the most notorious villains. To embark on this thrilling journey and learn about all the otherworldly boss monsters in Guardians of the Galaxy, consult our comprehensive compendium below.

Dweller-In-Darkness | Chapter 3


The Dweller-In-Darkness is a nightmarish squid-like tentacle monster lurking deep within Lady Hellbender’s Castle. In order to escape, you must defeat this formidable creature. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Dodge its tentacle attacks and focus your Ice Elemental attacks on the tentacles. Alternatively, unleash Drax to deal significant Stagger Damage.
  • Once a tentacle is down, command Gamora to unleash her devastating attacks for massive damage. If you deal enough damage, you can initiate a Call-To-Action and obliterate the tentacle.
  • When you need extra time to damage the tentacles, instruct Groot to restrain them.
  • During the second phase, after both tentacles are severed, the boss will summon Jellies and other enemies. Utilize Groot and Rocket to control the crowd while continuing to inflict high Stagger Damage on the boss.
  • In the third phase, the boss will continuously spawn jellies. Utilize Ice to freeze them and then swiftly eliminate them with your gunfire.
  • To damage the boss in the third phase, you must wait for it to spawn enemies. Once you have cleared the enemies, the boss will drop an explosive. Initiate a Call-To-Action to create a molten bomb that Drax can throw back at the boss. Repeat this process three times to stagger the boss and gain the upper hand.

When the boss is staggered for the third time, use a final Call-To-Action to vanquish the monster and make your escape.

Blood Brothers | Chapter 6

Blood Brothers

These hefty brothers boast unbreakable armor at the start of the fight. When they are in close proximity, their armor solidifies, rendering them immune to all attacks. To deal damage, you must separate them. Here’s how to handle this encounter:

  • At the beginning of the fight, Star-Lord will face the Blood Brothers alone. Your main objective here is to survive! Dodge their attacks and await assistance from your team.
  • Once Gamora enters the fray, your chances of victory improve. Lure the brothers apart and use Ice attacks to rapidly build up their Stagger Meter. When they are staggered, unleash Gamora’s deadly strikes to inflict massive damage.
  • The fight becomes more challenging when Drax joins the battle. Utilize Drax to assist in building their stagger meter, unleash Gamora’s attacks when the brothers are weakened, and shoot them while staggered to collect health pick-ups in abundance.
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For the initial encounter, you must simply hold your ground until reinforcements arrive to break up the fight.

Thanos | Chapter 11


The haunting memory of Thanos continues to torment Drax. With the assistance of Mantis, it’s time to face the physical embodiment of Drax’s darkest moments. Here’s how to handle this intense battle:

  • Thanos is a slow-moving powerhouse. Underwhelming for the Mad Titan, to say the least. Bringing down his first phase is a straightforward process – just keep shooting until he falls.
  • After defeating him once, a new Thanos will spawn after each defeat. He splits into two and relentlessly attacks. He has the ability to immobilize a team member with a grapple, which can only be broken by defeating that particular Thanos clone.
  • With nearly a dozen Thanos clones at times, the battle can seem endless. To bring an end to this fight, allow Thanos to defeat Star-Lord.

Remember, fighting is the problem. Acceptance is the only way to escape Thanos’ haunting memory.

Fin Fang Foom | Chapter 13

Fin Fang Foom

Prepare to face the legendary dragon, Fin Fang Foom. This colossal ice-armored monster won’t go down without a fight. Follow these strategies to emerge victorious:

  • Fin Fang Foom is encased in ice armor. Use Fire Element shots to melt the armor, tracking your progress by observing the blue ice overlay on the boss’s health meter. Focus on destroying all four sections of the ice armor.
  • After breaking the ice armor, Foom will employ his fiery breath to rain down ice shards on the arena. Destroy these shards to collect valuable health pick-ups.
  • When Foom shoots fire into the sky, initiate a Call-To-Action to interrupt and stun the giant monster. Take advantage of this opportunity to unleash all your high-damage abilities on him.
  • Aim for his chest without relying on a lock-on feature, as most of his attacks are telegraphed with red circles on the arena. Locking onto him can make it difficult to see these indicators. Just keep shooting at Foom while keeping an eye out for the red circles.
  • Ensure your allies stay alive, as they are prone to falling in this battle. Revive them whenever the area is clear.
  • Star-Lord and Rocket are the only ones capable of dealing damage to Foom with their abilities for most of the fight. Make good use of them, especially Star-Lord’s rapid-fire attack. Additionally, you can target Foom’s hands with melee attacks when he places them on your side of the arena.

To inflict significant damage on Foom, observe when your team readies a giant ice catapult during Foom’s barrage of fire. Use a Call-To-Action on Foom’s chest to launch the catapult, dealing massive damage and stunning him.

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Defeating Foom grants you a powerful ally against the Church’s fleet. The true endgame is about to unfold.

Grand Unifier Raker | Chapter 15

Grand Unifier Raker

Raker, charged with Faith Energy, stands ready for battle. He boasts an impenetrable shield and triple health bars. Even his subordinates, four Sorcerers capable of healing one another, present a tough challenge. Before engaging Raker directly, focus on the Sorcerers one by one, staggering them with precision. Follow these strategies for success:

  • Raker is a super-charged Sorcerer, wielding powerful drone attacks, bomb barrages, and lightning-fast lunges, among other deadly techniques. Take him seriously.
  • Break down his shield by using Fire Element and concentrated attacks on individual enemies. Exploit his shield downtime to unleash all your available abilities, but preserve your Ultimate Abilities for later stages of the battle.
  • After taking down his shield once, Raker summons a glowing ball that completely disables your powers. This attack is incredibly dangerous, and if you’re not careful, you can perish swiftly. As the fight progresses, this attack becomes even more potent, leaving you temporarily blind and vulnerable. Stay in place, dodge his drones, and be on the lookout for the red alert marker, indicating an imminent devastating lunge attack. If your health is low, this attack can be fatal.
  • Save Groot’s Ultimate Ability for emergencies. In the early stages of the battle, utilize one Ultimate Ability with each teammate to rapidly bring Raker’s shield down. Save Star-Lord’s special ability for the last health bar, as it renders him invulnerable and makes the final phase considerably easier.

About halfway through the fight, activate the Team Huddle to boost your damage output and revive any fallen teammates. In this encounter, you are more likely to succumb to defeat than your allies, so exploit the damage boost offered by the Team Huddle!


Magus | Chapter 16

Magus, the wicked doppelgänger of Adam Warlock, emerges for the ultimate showdown. Prepare for a multi-stage battle packed with excitement. Follow these steps to emerge victorious:

  • Magus begins by hurling an entire planet at the Guardians. Hurry to seek refuge within Nikki’s shield to avoid instant death.
  • Next, you’ll face waves of Magus drones, black creatures that must be systematically eliminated.
  • In between encounters, take every opportunity to provoke and taunt Magus by selecting the most aggravating dialogue options. Slow claps, mockery of his rhyming, and more – anything that annoys him.

After completing two waves of adversaries, your team will employ the Soul Stone to capture Magus. Complete the Quick Time Events (QTEs) to ultimately defeat Magus.

And that’s the grand finale! The Guardians of the Galaxy have saved the universe and triumphed over all the formidable bosses in the game. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

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