Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place
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In this exciting chapter of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, titled “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” our favorite intergalactic heroes find themselves facing new challenges and unexpected encounters. Join me as we explore the key moments and thrilling action that await us in this chapter.

A New Adventure Begins

As the chapter kicks off, we find ourselves back on the ship, surrounded by our crew. After a brief cutscene, Gamora suggests we seek out Rocket for a conversation. However, our attempts to engage with Rocket and Groot prove futile. Undeterred, we head to the bridge and set course for Knowhere. But as we arrive on Knowhere, we discover that Rocket and Groot have mysteriously vanished, leaving only Drax and Gamora by our side.

Exploring Knowhere

As we navigate the loading dock area, be sure to stay alert and keep your visor up. You might stumble upon valuable components hidden along the way. Remember to collect them as you progress through the market, scanning and picking up items of interest. During our adventure on Knowhere, we encounter Mantis, who delivers a prophetic message to Drax. This encounter sets the stage for the unexpected reunion with Rocket and Groot.

A Singing Showdown

In a lighthearted and entertaining scene, we find ourselves in a bar trying to have a conversation with Rocket. However, our interaction takes an unexpected turn when a character named “Lipless” interrupts us. This encounter leads to a hilarious singing competition, with Lipless challenging us to remember the lyrics to a song we supposedly sang together in an alien karaoke bar. The outcome of this scene may vary, but here are the choices I made:

  • I truthfully admit to not remembering the guy, prompting him to ask us to start singing the song.
  • For the first lyric suggestion, I choose the more metal-sounding option based on the references in the previous lyrics.
  • As for the second suggestion, I stick with something about the lighting and rain.
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After our impromptu performance, Lipless hands us a ticket to an event and departs. It seems that Rocket and Groot took advantage of our distraction to slip away. Before leaving the bar, make sure to pick up the Archive: Egghead Reviews: Mant-Blows and enjoy a free drink from the bartender as a reward for our impressive singing skills.

Exploring Knowhere Further

Our adventure continues as we explore more of Knowhere. There is another archive to collect, so keep an eye out for it. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the various vendors in the market. Here are a few notable ones:

  • The Parts Vendor offers a part rumored to remove the tracker from our ship, granting us the collectible Galactic Compendium Item: Nova Force Lock Disabler.
  • The Lotto Ticket Vendor provides a chance to win big with a lotto ticket for 1,000 units. Buying this ticket rewards us with another collectible: Galactic Compendium Item: Knowhere Lottery Ticket.
  • Engaging with the Red Ball Vendor allows us to play a game of “find the ball” and win 1,000 units. However, we must avoid further interactions to avoid spending that money unnecessarily.

Note that there is a Guardian Collectible in the emporium, but to save our money, we will skip it for now. However, please keep in mind that these vendors primarily offer collectibles. It’s best to hold off on spending money until we pay off our NovaCorp debt, which is necessary for a missable achievement. The only essential item to acquire at this stage is the outfit.

Journey to Cosmo’s Security Tower

As we progress through the market, we encounter a giant red crystal structure with tendrils, where children are playing nearby. Jumping over the fence and exploring the red pipes, we discover the Outfit – Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) (10/39). From here, we make our way toward the nav point to reach Cosmo’s security tower. Along the way, keep an eye out for components to collect using your visor vision and the icon in the top right corner.

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Confrontation and Ambush

Reaching the first icon point, we encounter a suspicious guard who promptly dismisses us. Left with no other choice, we venture into a sketchy-looking alley. Here, we find 120 basic components next to an overlooking area, perfect for a moment of relaxation and enjoying the view. Pressing forward, we discover more components and eventually enter a large warehouse area filled with brain parts.

As we progress through the maze-like structure, a large bot spooling up brain matter catches our attention. To the right of this area, we stumble upon 60 advanced components. Our journey leads us to a vast open arena, where we are unexpectedly ambushed by the formidable Blood Brothers.

The Battle against the Blood Brothers

In this intense battle, we must dodge the brothers’ attacks while waiting for an opportunity to strike back. Gamora joins the fight, emphasizing the need to separate the brothers in order to deactivate their armor. By capitalizing on their distraction, we can deal significant damage. Drax also makes a timely appearance, adding to the chaos and unleashing his own formidable attacks. As the battle progresses, a new scene unfolds, leaving us momentarily incapacitated and forcing us to crawl towards our guns.

A Heart-Wrenching Cliffhanger

As the dust settles, we find ourselves back in our younger self, Peter. We relive a poignant moment from our childhood, where our mother gifts us with $20 on our birthday. This time, inside our birthday present, we discover our signature blasters. Our mom proceeds to reveal more about Peter’s father and their complicated relationship. However, our quiet moment is shattered when an alien species lands in our backyard. Without hesitation, we rush outside to assist our mom but find ourselves at a disadvantage due to our young age. Tragically, someone close to us meets their demise.

Completing this chapter unlocks the achievement “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” marking another milestone in our thrilling adventure.

Thank you for joining me on this captivating journey through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6. Stay tuned for more excitement in the next chapter!

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