Gunny PC is testing a new version

Gunny PC is testing a new version
  • Jute Fashion Show: Matching Clothes to Show Off
  • Chicken Finds the Way Out: Challenging Gunner’s intelligence
  • Some other optimizations: Fight for Survival (6 people adjustment and only 2 people matchmaking), Pet Sealing (additional pet can be sealed), Pet Skill (limited expansion), Magic jade (effective reduction five items) .

Recorded from the official fan page and the game group, the new version is being extremely interested by the players. People find it exciting because of the interesting name, players are constantly wondering and asking questions related to other optimizations in the game…

Players participated in the discussion about ‘Chicken Find the Way Out’

Although nothing else has been revealed yet, the operational representative of this game shared that ‘This will be a build worth playing with optimizations that benefit players and ensure balance in the game, not to mention opening up a lot of new activities as well.‘.

Convincing proof of NPH’s words, ‘Jute Fashion Show’: An interesting feature of the new version is that many players are interested in super cute pictures and special rewards. Each post shared about this activity receives hundreds of comments and interactions from the Golden Chicken community. Everyone very excited, extremely excited!


‘Chicken Finds Way Out’ is known to be the hottest event of Gunny PC released at the end of March 2022. This is also one of the opening activities for the Golden Chicken Gunny PC New Year celebration event next month .

After 13 years of accompanying people who love top-tier shooting game, Gunny PC has always been on the go, updating itself with new changes and updates. The operations team always listens, understands and has very timely responses to the needs of the players as well as the trends of the Vietnamese gaming market. In the days after, this game still upholds the motto of ‘taking player experience as the center of product development’ and players continue to build and maintain a healthy game and long lasting great community.

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