Gunny PC Releases New Version “Chicken Finds the Way Out” Introducing Dramatic Escape Gameplay

Gunny PC Releases New Version "Chicken Finds the Way Out" Introducing Dramatic Escape Gameplay

Things you should know about the new map

The Chicken Find the Way map is an indestructible, non-dig structure, the exits will also appear randomly on top of the map. Due to the addition of the cosmic fog screen, the terrains alternate, so the difficulty in the competition is also improved, players must take turns to fly to find an escape route, adding drama to the new gameplay. The terrains are also designed to be fixed on the map.


Chicken Find the Way Out will also have 3 more types of Top Supply Chests including Light Up Bullets, Laser Bullets, and Paper Airplanes to help players out. Note that these types of chests also have a fixed position, but they are randomly generated and replenished every 4 rounds.

new fighting skills

There are 02 new skills applied to the Chicken Find the Exit game, including player skill (normal shots to collect exploding chests to receive skills) and after spirit skill skill (when exiting, it will become collected souls), spirit energy to develop skills to help others).

For player skills, there are new types of bullets, specific uses as follows:

  • Lighting projectile (explosion ignites a large area of ​​cosmic fog 3 shots).
  • Laser projectile (penetrates area, does not destroy structures and illuminates diameter, clears Cosmic Fog 2 shots).
  • Paper planes will increase power and attack efficiency in competition.

Gunner only needs to correctly move and use as per the instructions for each type of chest in order to achieve the most efficiency.

Meanwhile, spirit abilities include the following items:

  • Directions (illuminates a 200 radius area for 2 shots).
  • Weight (sucks in planes or ammunition within a 150 radius around the exit for 2 turns).
  • Removes Spirit Energy (Removes 300 radius fog from non-defectors for 2 turns).
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This ability is more about navigation and instructions on how to play, helping players achieve effective combat.

Play and get rewards

The Chicken Find the Way Out map has a cross-server escape, 4-player accommodation, and the success requirement is to collect supply chests, coordinate teammates, and find a way out of the map.


If you fail this game, the player will have absolutely no reward. On success, there will be individual/team clear rewards, speed rankings, and speed rankings (applicable to unranked players and the best dropout below 100 will be awarded). Players should note that 1 person who exits will receive 1 exit bonus (max 3 times per day). All starts will receive an additional start bonus (also up to 3 times a day) and starting half way will not have a bonus.


Depending on the rank as well as the type of successful pass, the player will receive a reward according to the rules of the system. Some special rewards can be mentioned, such as 500 EXP gems, level 1-2 elemental cultivation water, pet souls, animal level-up potion, level 1 animal accessory power-up gem, soul stone, attributes/ blessing treasure attack, master card design, etc.

It is known that along with the launch of a new way to play, the Chicken Find the Exit version also launched the “Gunny Fashion Show” event: match clothes to show the reward and perform other optimizations such as survival matches (only 2 people match) . ), pet sealing (additional pet can be sealed), pet ability (expansion limit), magic jade (effectively reducing five items).

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With new optimizations and updates in this version, Gunny PC promises to bring many new colors, creating an exciting experience for players this summer!