Gunny PC: “The moon is great” from more than a decade

Gunny PC: "The moon is great" from more than a decade

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As a famous coordinate shooter game for the past 13 years, Gunny PC has become a “living witness” of many marriages from in-game ceremony to real life.

Getting Married – a familiar picture in the Gunny PC game

Many Gunners have shared in the group about the process of “holding the saw” until the love story blossomed. Over the years, Gunny PC has been known for couples who just met, fell in love, and even couples who have brought their kids along for every season of offline gaming. Gunny PC becomes a companion through the memories and milestones that follow them over the years.

Sending congratulations to Gunny PC, but “bonus” adds information that he has “flirted with his wife through the game”

The most obvious thing is that in his story, Gunner expressed his joy and happiness when telling the opportunity to meet. From friends, accidentally seeing the name, greeting each other and then falling in love, there are even couples formed by random shooting team matchups or two ends of the front lines, but most of them are thanks to the game’s legendary Marriage feature.​

Is this considered a marriage proposal?

The marriage function is a place that not only creates a unique opportunity to exchange relationships, but also brings a special number of benefits to the character. It can be said that, with the Gunny PC community, Marriage is more than a feature, it is an activity that helps unite like-minded souls and write many “virtual world of real love” stories. The more attached, the more couples realize the love and connection with each other, especially they clearly feel the love journey they have traveled together, and also do not forget to thank PC Gunny that they found each other.

Thanks to Gunny they met

Many couples display their happy photos in community groups that generate a lot of fans. Blessed, players wish “when will I have a lover” and some people exclaim “still FA and waiting for people there”,… These discussions make the love story in the player community more colorful, color and taste. However, meeting and falling in love is predestined, so husband and wife are indebted to each other, so Gunny PC is always here, always Nguyet Lao willing to make love and bless many relationships.

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With the Vietnamese gaming community in general, as well as those who love Chicken Kingdom in particular, the love story in the game in real life has certain human values, gradually erasing the misjudgments about the online game world. . “True virtual love” helps the Gunny PC community to unite more, always have positive information, beautify this life, and contribute to improving the game’s entertainment, civilization, and health.