Gyaos ギャオス

Gyaos ギャオス
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One Gyaos managed to survive its battle with Gamera, and the contemptible creature continued to feed off animals and humans alike in the Japanese countryside. It grew increasingly larger, until it finally became the massive Super Gyaos! With its new incredible size and strength, Super Gyaos targeted what he perceived as a massive buffet: Tokyo. It entered the city, and ripped a train from its tracks. In a repulsive display, it ingested the contents of the vehicle in a nearby park, where it rested for the night.

The next day, the military shifted its focus from Gamera to the new crisis: Gyaos. A military strike on the demon bird failed in the park, and the vicious monster fled into the city. Two missiles were launched at the beast, but the creature swung around Tokyo Tower, confusing the targeting systems and resulting in the annihilation of the famous landmark. Gyaos circled the area and landed on the decimated tower, where it rested for the night.

Though this one creature had brought the massive metropolis to its knees, the military wasn’t deterred. Another plan of attack was organized for execution, but the quaking Earth signaled the arrival of an entity that would make the upcoming strike unnecessary. Gamera had burrowed his way from the sea, where he had been resting and healing from his earlier battle with Gyaos and the military. Now, he was ready to fight once more! He unleashed a plasma fireball on Gyaos, but the flying terror fled. Its nest wasn’t so lucky; for the flaming sphere erupted the nest into a raining shower of shattered Gyaos eggs. Gamera took to the air once again and pursued Gyaos across the urban sprawl, until his enemy’s sonic beam knocked him out of the sky. Gamera crashed into civilization, and Gyaos quickly swooped down to tear the guardian apart. Though both of the ancient beasts battled furiously, Gyaos lost the upper hand when Gamera sliced through its leg with his elbow blade, knocking the man-eating devil bird backward into a building. Gamera lifted into the sky, and his infuriated foe followed. The two raced straight up and out into the furthest reaches of the atmosphere, until Gamera’s propelling rockets failed him. Gyaos caught up with the stalled turtle, and both creatures became locked in mortal combat as gravity pulled them back toward the Earth. Even the extreme heat and pressure of reentry didn’t seem to faze the monsters. Finally, Gamera bit Gyaos’ injured leg off and shoved himself away from his adversary. The plummeting turtle fell into an oil refinery, causing a massive explosion that completely engulfed him. Super Gyaos fired at the remaining buildings in the vicinity, causing them to erupt in a raging conflagration as well. Something mysterious began to occur, however. The fire began to twist and converge into the center of the explosion. Absorbing all of the flames, Gamera flashed brightly and roared as he fired a single massive fireball, which decapitated and destroyed his dumbfounded foe. The sadistic, sinister Gyaos’ reign of terror was finally over.

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The Gyaos were not extinct, however. This battle would only prove to be among the first in a long and horrible war against these detestable demons, who would eventually evolve into a larger and much more terrifying form: the Hyper Gyaos…