Hacker Call of Duty… ran out of account to run Hack

Hacker Call of Duty... ran out of account to run Hack

Like many other online games, Call of Duty: Warzone also has its own underground market for buying and reselling valuable accounts. Beads with attractive designs sell for up to $300, even beads with extremely rare Damascus weapon designs can sell for $2000.

Tighter restrictions on account security have made it even more difficult to steal and resell accounts. The captcha system slows down automated theft of accounts with hacked passwords and uses a better tracking system to track “account farms.”


On one of the Discord servers under investigation, hackers are starting work on unlocking tools for existing accounts instead of selling hacked accounts outright. One account reseller said: “Due to the shortage of accounts due to security changes, we now offer a variety of unlocking services. In short, we can help you open them. Lock almost everything on [Modern Warfare / Cold War]”.

Old accounts with limited fashion items (like the controversial Roze set) are highly sought after. But when asked when these “old accounts” will be active again, one seller replied “never.” Some people choose to unlock the account with all the fashion items instead of having to play with a whole new account, despite the risk of being found out and permanently banned by Activision.


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