Hacker published videos and many images about Grand Theft Auto 6

Hacker published videos and many images about Grand Theft Auto 6

Over the weekend, many short videos and images of Grand Theft Auto 6 were leaked. Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated titles and fans have long been making predictions about many aspects of the game. Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 features such as settings, characters, combat, and maps have been circulating for a long time in the community, but no confirmation has been made by the game developer.

The ANTVRIS YouTube channel is at the center of the leaks. This channel has uploaded over 20 videos about Grand Theft Auto 6 (now removed under the influence of Take-Two). If valid, these videos confirm the rumors that GTA 6 will have two main characters: a man, a woman, and both are relatively young. The male character is named Jason, while the female character is named Lucia.

The most commonly leaked video revolves around a robbery in which the female character robs a restaurant by threatening customers with a gun. The above video ends with the police chasing the player and the famous star from the GTA wanted level appearing in the top right corner of the screen. In another video, viewers can also see Jason’s escape as he hides behind a truck to avoid bullets from NPCs, or as he drives and opens fire. All of these videos are very short, less than a minute long.

The fans are very excited after seeing the leaked videos of GTA 6 and they have high expectations for this game. Rockstar is known for making their games extremely realistic and this is what gamers look for.

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