Halo Infinite – Will Super FPS have a Battle Royale mode?

Halo Infinite - Will Super FPS have a Battle Royale mode?

Halo Infinite’s first beta has ended. While many players were focused on experiencing the game, a data miner found a voice file indicating the Battle Royale mode in Halo Infinite.

The beta dig data reveals some important details that have never been discovered, including the existence of multiple singleplayer/co-op campaigns and plot spoilers such as plot details, missions, and storylines.


The new leaked data is simple but provides a lot of useful information for Halo fans. The audio file contains the voice of the Halo Infinite system announcement with just two words “battle royale”. This could be a harbinger of simple battle royale-style gameplay instead of an expansive map like Fortnite or Firestorm in Battlefield 5. The audio file could also be an unused file from developer 343. Industries Collectable. Readers can listen to the recording file. here.

Will the Battle Royale mode appear in Halo Infinite? Fans will have to wait until 343 Industries and Microsoft give an official answer.

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