Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop: synthesize the lines that go to the ground

Tiệm Lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc

Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop is a simulation mobile game that is going viral on social media today. For the youngsters who want to be the boss, the boss but haven’t had a chance to showcase their talents, capturingfantasy.com is sure this will be an extremely entertaining game!

Starting a business is not difficult with Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop is a newly released game from China with lots of cute character graphics, nice furniture, and delicious Chinese hot pot dishes. Especially the game is getting more and more viral every day.He has very funny character lines.

In addition to becoming the owner and owner of the hot pot restaurant, you can also manage and improve the restaurant and process the hot pot ingredients. Especially, when you hire staff to serve a hotpot restaurant, sometimes the staff even do weird things you can’t think of!

Tips for Playing Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for Newbies

In the Happy Street Hot Pot Shop game, in addition to exchanging and managing employees, you can play some mini-games on the system.

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Find ingredients to process at the Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

The first is to find the same ingredients to accumulate spice jars and from those spice jars you will have new hot dishes.

The “hidden” game console interface

The following is this game machine, if you play the Tin level, you will be able to open this function.

From this game machine you will play games to win gold tickets. In the exchange section, you can exchange small ingredients to find more toppings for hot dishes, or exchange the staff training book.

Trying to recruit all the staff for the hot pot restaurant.

If you are a system player then we should try to recruit “key” employees to make sure there is still income while you are offline.

The advice is to hire Lao Ly first because according to capturingfantasy.com, he is the most diligent. As for the chefs, they can recruit anyone because anyone who works is fine :)))

Remember to hire a beautiful receptionist too!

Watch ads to earn more diamonds

This article is for you guys to read, just ignore it =))))). If you play for a while you will realize the importance of diamonds. So, if possible, go to Store -> Currency to see announcements, or rotate the rotation in Store -> Opening Party

You only need to see about 3-4 ads a day is enough capital to do business.

And here is the wheel of fortune for you to try your luck.

Try to accumulate training books to update employees

This is an important tip if you want to level up quickly, especially the Silver and Gold levels. The higher you go, the more you will find Service Points very hard to come by.

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There are 2 ways to earn this point, one is to hire as many employees as possible, but what if it’s already full? You have to update your staff with training manuals. This book is redeemed for the 4-leaf clover you get in-game for finding ingredients or redeem for gold tickets on the game console.

Click on the employee you want to update. The higher the service point the employee has, the more service points they will get when upgrading

Roundup of Super Salty Lines at Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

The hot pot category is dewy, but the comedy is endless! I don’t know if I’m selling hot pot or going to see a comedy movie…

Here, capturingfantasy.com would like to send some lines of dialogue to the customers who play in the staff basement of the hot pot restaurant and the guests who come to eat hot pot. You can not be more speechless for sure!

Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopI don’t do much, but I just want to go home.
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopIs the loophole fat coal?
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopIt’s so good :)))
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopOne day the restaurant lost the ingredients for the hot pot…
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopHey Hello?
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopAre you okay then?
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopAnd I hunched over to run the table!
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopWhat kind of studio is this, go back to your hometown and get a rich man!
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopKnowing that there is poison to give you, friendship 10 points
Happy Sugar Hotpot ShopI don’t know what to say…


Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop is an interesting game for Z generation people who like to play games to kill time but still ensure a fun element.

Of course, Hot Pot Shop also has quite a few levels for players to conquer, if they plow instead of charging or hacking money, it will be even more interesting when we “earn” our own income, right?

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