Having Lost 14 Light Bulbs, Gamers Find Disappointment Instead of a PS5

Having lost 14 light bulbs to buy a PS5, gamers cried when they received... two bottles of filtered water

The hunt for a PlayStation 5 (PS5) continues to frustrate gamers worldwide, with shortages persisting since its launch. The ongoing impact of the epidemic has caused production setbacks, leaving players empty-handed despite their willingness to pay. As a result, a range of consequences has emerged, including price gouging, theft, and deceptive practices. One recent incident in Japan left a buyer stunned when they received two bottles of filtered water instead of the coveted console.

A Costly Misunderstanding

According to FNN, a suspect named Ikuko Tokuoka, an unemployed woman in Shiga, Japan, found herself in legal trouble after allegedly defrauding a customer. The victim had agreed to purchase a PS5 from Tokuoka for around 65,000 yen (approximately 14 million VND) earlier this year. The buyer eagerly awaited the delivery, prepared to pay in cash upon receiving the highly anticipated gaming console.

A Shocking Discovery

Unfortunately, when the package arrived, excitement turned into dismay. Instead of the eagerly anticipated PS5, the buyer was greeted with two 1-liter bottles of filtered water. The suspect became unresponsive, leaving the buyer no choice but to report the incident to the police, who promptly took action.

Denial and Investigation

Upon being detained by the authorities, Tokuoka vehemently denied any wrongdoing, claiming a lapse in memory regarding the contents of the package. As the investigation unfolds, the truth behind this puzzling case remains unclear. For those planning to buy a PS5, caution is strongly advised. Seeking reputable retail stores can help avoid inflated prices and prevent unfortunate encounters like this one.

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Remember, when seeking the thrill of gaming, caution and discernment are key to avoiding scams and letdowns.