Having made a fortune, the Demon Slayer studio is still accused of tax evasion as always

Having made a fortune, the Demon Slayer studio is still accused of tax evasion as always

Kotaku.com reported that Tokyo prosecutors recently charged animation studio Ufotable and its founder and CEO, Hikaru Kondo, with tax evasion of approximately $1.2 million. NHK and ANN News reported that from 2015 to 2018, the studio and Mr. Kondo hid around $4 million in revenue from the company. According to unofficial sources, this CEO secretly hid cash in his home, in a personal safe.

Founder and CEO of Ufotable: Hikaru Kondo.

Last year, Ufotable and CEO Kondo received many accusations of allegedly violating Japanese consumer and corporate tax laws. These allegations claim that the studio did not fully report the revenue sources and sales revenue the company earned from its anime business and coffee chain. At that time, through the Jiji Press news agency, Ufotable issued an apology to the public: “We are committed to complying with the law and will carry out appropriate activities to create a creative environment for more sustainable and healthy products.”

Ufotable anime cafes are allegedly used for shady operations.

And yet, according to another report from Bunshun Digital (via ANN), since 2019, Ufotable has taken steps to misappropriate charitable funds; This is an illegal act that can result in a sentence of 10 years in prison. However, despite many unrest and tax scandals, 51-year-old Hikaru Kondo remains the president and CEO of Ufotable.

In 2000, Hikaru Kondo founded Ufotable and quickly took the studio’s name to new heights with a series of notable anime films, including Fate/stay night, Tales,… and especially the successful anime adaptation Demon Slayer in 2020.

Demon hunter anime.

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