Hoa Review: Dreamlike Ghibli-Style Vietnamese Indie Game

Game Hoa

flower game is an independent puzzle game created by Vietnamese and officially released in 2021, combined with beautiful natural scenery animation, poetic and pure drawing.

Also, the music of hello the game promises to bring relaxing moments for all players. Join capturingfantasy.com to learn about the title indie game Hoa the game here you have.

Overall Flower Game Rating

flower game is a game developed by Vietnamese game designers and it is also the first Vietnamese game to be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Flower indie game is based on the motif of a puzzle game, with poetic story and vivid images, which will surely take you into a dreamy natural world, a magical experience with beautiful characters, magical and sparkling fairies.

flower gameflower game

Hoa gameplay

In the context of flower game indie, you will wake up as Hoa, a little fairy who reigns in a small boat of leaves.

There are no clear clues to where you are from or why you are here, however this little boat of leaves is where your adventure begins.

During this adventure, you will meet many characters, including the inhabitants who live here. They could be the forerunners who have experienced and shared with you about the gameplay of the game before starting the game, the beetle (??), a character that will help you overcome the obstacles ahead. .

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flower gameflower game

At the beginning of your journey, your job is to walk and jump to overcome the obstacles. The game will have a guide to help you find out more about this flower game.

Hoa The Game also makes you aware of many types of insects and lovely creatures in the nature around you, helping you understand more about those little creatures.

In addition, they will also be great assistants on your journey, sharing legends as you cross the map and giving you hints to help you cross and get to where you need to go.

Flower game features and background.

flower game famous for its extremely stable and sharp graphic quality and for creating a colorful world for gamers. In addition, the pure sound element of the Hoa game also partly gives players moments of relaxation and peace like Ghibli.

flower game graphics

At the beginning of the game, we will witness a vivid and colorful image. Explore a vast world, with meticulously crafted scenes plus gorgeous hand-drawn graphics.

flower gameflower game

background music flower play

With captivating and emotional narratives, flower game It is considered a game that is adorned with an extremely relaxing and poetic natural color.

background music of indie game hello This is also a great advantage for players because the melodious melody is directly composed and recorded, making the game world more harmonious and nostalgic than ever.

flower gameflower game

lovely creatures

Keep an eye out for creatures that appear on your way, most of them are quite friendly and want to meet you. They can even tell you good and cute stories.

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The forms of these characters are also very elaborate and beautifully designed in this indie game.

Flower game plot

the story of hello the game Navigate the protagonist with a keen eye and help him solve puzzles in the world of fairies.

The pace of the game is slow, smooth and relaxing, the storytelling is subtle, engaging and makes the player easily get sucked into the small details of the countless miracles that exist.

flower gameflower game

Flower game level selection

Players can now easily move to any level they want directly from the main menu. Perhaps while playing the game you will come across difficult situations, and that is why the level selection feature in flower game born.

flower gameflower game


It can be compared to some competitors in the same field of indie games like Lamp Chronicle, Teacup, Plasticity, Maquette, etc.flower game still a fairly new name. However, Hoa has smooth yet engaging gameplay with vivid phrases, which promises to give players extremely interesting experiences.

If you are a fan of puzzle platformers, slow and bland gameplay, and love the Ghibli style of animation, then Hoa The Game is a great choice. Follow capturingfantasy.com to update the latest gaming news.

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