Hoai Linh’s Controversial Charity Money: A Shocking Revelation

Comedian Hoai Linh admitted that he still kept 14 billion in charity money, and netizens suddenly criticized Professor Ba.

Have you ever placed your trust in someone, only to have that trust shattered in an instant? Well, that seems to be the case for Vietnamese comedian Hoai Linh, who recently found himself in hot water after admitting to still holding onto a staggering 14 billion VND in charity funds. Netizens were quick to voice their outrage, but what’s even more surprising is the unexpected backlash directed towards Professor Ba.

The “Dream” Unveiled

The whole saga began when CEO of Dai Nam, Ms. Phuong Hang, commonly known as Hang Canada in the business community, shared her “dream” during a live broadcast. In her dream, she revealed that Hoai Linh had not disbursed the money donated by domestic and foreign sponsors for the people of the central region, amounting to a whopping 13 billion VND. According to her, the funds had mysteriously disappeared, finding their way to digital companies and even making a pitstop at the casino.

Ms. Phuong Hang and artist Hoai Linh

Despite remaining silent in the face of these accusations, Hoai Linh eventually broke his silence and admitted that the allegations were true. Shockingly, he confessed that the money had not been distributed and was still sitting in his personal account. This revelation left netizens stunned, as the artist they had grown to love and trust was now suspected of embezzling charity funds for personal gain. Regardless of Hoai Linh’s attempts to explain the delay in charity works, public opinion quickly shifted towards Ms. Phuong Hang.

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Enter Professor Ba

Amidst this unfolding drama, someone unexpected came into the spotlight – streamer Teacher Ba, also known as Phan Tan Trung. Last year, when the central region experienced a historic flood, Teacher Ba rallied SBTC Esports members and his community to donate 300 million VND, which he promptly transferred to Hoai Linh’s fund.

Suddenly, Professor Ba was asked about the charity amount of 300 million VND.

Hoai Linh’s admission raised questions about the money Teacher Ba had previously raised. Initially, these questions were lighthearted, but they soon grew more serious, leaving Professor Ba feeling extremely unhappy and somewhat angered during a live broadcast. To put an end to the doubts, the streamer released all the deposit receipts of Hoai Linh’s fund, expressing her disappointment at being suspected of withholding the money.

The Importance of Transparency

As the controversy continued to unfold, Professor Ba urged her viewers to stay calm, approach the situation with wisdom, and avoid jumping to conclusions that could harm individuals and groups involved. Keeping charity funds has become a sensitive subject, particularly for influencers. The case of SBTC manager Cao Le Tuan Tu, who reportedly held onto 200 million VND in charity money for the central region for over six months without any movement, further highlights the seriousness of the issue. Professor Ba’s reasonable explanations and advice serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability when it comes to charitable endeavors.

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In conclusion, the shocking revelation that Hoai Linh has been holding onto a substantial amount of charity money has sparked widespread criticism. This incident not only tarnishes the beloved comedian’s reputation but has also led to unexpected scrutiny of Professor Ba’s involvement. As the public demands transparency and accountability, it will be interesting to see how this controversy unfolds and whether the truth prevails in the end.

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