Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Revealed and Release Date Confirmed

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Revealed and Release Date Confirmed

Sony’s State of Play presentation has delivered the first full images of the most anticipated game based on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. During the 20-minute intro, viewers were shown how to shape their character, explore Hogwarts, take classes, and fight enemies.

The player starts the game as a fifth-year student who has just transferred to Hogwarts and has a lower skill level than his classmates. Players will be assigned to one of the four iconic houses from the series, meet classmates, take a variety of classes, and practice their combat skills.

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 19th century, so players won’t encounter the familiar professors from the Harry Potter movies. However, the game still has the appearance of a few cameos as Nick almost losing his mind. While exploring the castle, the player can solve puzzles to discover clones and passages, and students must also plant trees and brew potions. The area around Hogwarts is particularly dangerous and will be used to test students’ abilities.

In combat, the player can use offensive and defensive spells, as well as the ability to charm or stun enemies with items such as mandrake roots. Shield Charms allow the player to deflect spells, dodge attacks, teleport, or counterattack. Players are free to use and combine dozens of spells. Each player’s character has their own upgrade tree to enhance abilities like making potions, using magic, etc. Players can collect or craft equipment and tailor it to their play style. Befriending other students has its own in-game benefits, as some can teach additional special abilities.

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Hogwarts Legacy revolves around a player-controlled character on an adventure that uncovers many secrets and mysteries under the tutelage of Professor Fig, from a goblin rebellion to a corrupting force holding students captive. The developers even hinted that players can go the “evil” path on their own with the main character using the unforgivable curse Avada Kedavra.


Hogwarts Legacy is being developed by WB Games Avalanche and is scheduled for release in the holidays of 2022.