How eFootball Points Work in PES 2021

konami efootball points

KONAMI recently unveiled an in-game currency known as eFootball Points for PES 2021 that has caused considerable shock amongst fans, prompting inquiries as to its details and function. This decision left fans bewildered and uncertain how this system operates.

To unlock eFootball Points, players need to link their accounts on multiple platforms together using one Konami ID. By doing so, they can accrue points while on-the-go and redeem them later when back home on console.

How to earn eFootball Points

The eFootball series, previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is one of the world’s most beloved football games. Available on most platforms and completely free to play, eFootball points serve as virtual currency in this free football game and allow players to unlock extra features and bonuses in myClub mode or earned by competing in eSports competitions; players may also purchase them using Konami ID-linked myClub cards to redeem eFootball points later.

The new eFootball 2023 is the newest installment of this successful free-to-play series, after successfully rebranding PES into eFootball 2023. Boasting official licenses from major European clubs and highly-acclaimed gameplay depth and accessibility, players have complete freedom in building the team of their dreams with this game: customizable formation, level up players as desired and even creating managers to enhance team playstyle are just some of its unique features.

As well as offering coins, eFootball also provides players with special items and event rewards that they can unlock by participating in events or winning matches in Dream Team mode. Events pit your team against either AI opponents or other online players while, for the next month at least, players could earn up to 10 eFootball Coins by simply logging into events every day!

eFootball Points can help you add legendaries and “featured cards” to your team. You can earn these points through playing, watching a broadcast, completing campaigns or nominating contracts – the number of points received depending on its star rating.

To earn eFootball Points, it’s necessary to level up your players. Each level-up provides development points which can be spent in any area; investing in team playstyle proficiency may increase ratings but could affect other aspects. Individual skills like shooting, dribbling, and defending are the ideal ways to use development points wisely.

Redeeming eFootball Points

Redeeming eFootball Points in-game allows players to unlock special items such as Special Player Items and contract renewals. In order to do this, it’s necessary for their KONAMI ID to be linked to their game account; then when linked, eFootball Points will appear under SHOP menu and follow prompts accordingly in order to claim them and agree to Terms of Use before collecting rewards!

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Once claimed, eFootball Points cannot be returned or reclaimed; however, they can be exchanged for various in-game items and bonuses across platforms, or used for use in eSports competitions featured within the game – however players should keep in mind that these Points expire six months from when they were first claimed in your Inbox.

Konami’s rebranded version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 uses the virtual currency known as eFootball Points as its virtual currency, and players can accumulate these points by engaging with core titles or tuning into eSports events in-game. Furthermore, players can earn additional eFootball Points by linking their KONAMI ID with game accounts across platforms.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to earn eFootball Points is through Dream Team mode online matches. Players can select their team, be it one of eFootball’s signature squads or their own personalized creation, before competing against other online players online in competition for trophies and accolades.

At one of the easiest ways to earn eFootball points is with Coin Spinner. Coins spun depend on player tier; higher tier players earn more. Furthermore, players can unlock special players by nominating contracts in Special Players menu from 1 star up to 5 stars; with highest-tier players yielding the most eFootball Points from this process. eFootball players not yet Premium members may still earn points through daily logins!

Limits on eFootball Points

Konami’s attempt at competing with FIFA’s lucrative Ultimate Team mode, eFootball, failed miserably at launch due to numerous bugs and subpar gameplay; both critics and football fans took aim at it mercilessly. Now however, Konami hopes to turn things around with an update.

eFootball v1.1.4 brings with it several significant new features. Of particular note is its introduction of Objectives, weekly challenges which offer players rewards in terms of GP and training bonuses. Similar to myClub modes from previous PES games, these objectives reward players for various actions they perform within the game – though their specific objectives change each week but their rewards remain constant.

In addition to adding new Objectives, the v1.1.4 update also enhances the progression system by offering players the opportunity to reset their progress for a small sum of GP. Before now, there was no way of taking back progress that had been allocated inappropriately – this change should encourage players to allocate progression points more carefully.

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Reworking of Special Players menu: Another significant change includes updating special player cards with unique playstyle proficiency ratings and bonus experience points increases. Please be aware that special player contracts are limited to 365 days.

Konami is looking to expand eFootball’s appeal by including more licensed teams. Starting with PES 2023’s update v1.1.4, Major League Soccer side Napoli are joining European and domestic clubs as licensed licensees in PES 2023 eFootball Points can be spent to purchase their player cards in Coin Shop; one-star through five-star cards are available and come equipped with various bonuses including GP points or training rewards.

eFootball Points in eFootball 2023

Konami’s free-to-play football game, eFootball 2023, provides numerous ways for you to accumulate eFootball points and redeem them into real world currency. Events in-game or campaigns outside the game offer ample chances to do just that; you must first link your Konami ID account in order to redeem these points and spend them within your account.

Utilising eFootball points in eFootball 2023 will allow you to add legendary players and “featured” cards from a list to your team, giving you access to legendary cards whose contracts expire after two months – in order to extend their contracts further, extension tickets from the store must be purchased in order to do so.

2023 is an ideal year to invest eFootball points in player development. Doing this will increase their performance across specific tactics; Beckenbauer is an outstanding possession strategist – investing in his playstyle proficiency score will improve this aspect of his playstyle and inspire teammates with passes and tackles more easily than before.

Use eFootball points to upgrade your stadium and purchase club kits, skills or position trainers or skills and position trainers. In order to purchase any of these items, sufficient free space must be available on your hard drive for downloading the game and its updates as well as having a reliable internet connection.

As well as watching live broadcasts of Champions League and Europa League qualifying matches, you can earn eFootball Points by viewing qualifying game live broadcasts of these competitions in-game through a banner that you activate by signing into your eFootball account. Each time you watch one game you may earn in-game rewards such as eFootball Points or exclusive stickers; even better if you watch either final! Redeem these eFootball Points earned via broadcasts in-game shop to buy items or player cards to purchase more in-game items and player cards!