How to Maximize Your eFootball Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile

eFootball Points

Are you eager to make the most of your gaming experience in eFootball 2023 Mobile? Look no further! With the recent update, eFootball points have become even more valuable, allowing you to access Level Training Programs, Contract Tickets, and even Legendary Players from the eFootball Point Shop. Let’s unravel the secrets of earning and redeeming these precious points!

Linking Your Game Account to Your Konami ID

As a dedicated gamer, syncing your Konami ID with all your game accounts is essential. This simple step enables seamless progress and data transfers across platforms while enhancing account security. Plus, by linking your accounts, you can share the eFootball Points you earn across multiple game titles associated with your Konami ID. How convenient is that? Remember, though, these points are non-transferable between different titles.

Checking Your eFootball Points Balance

Earning eFootball Points is a breeze! Engage in core game titles, follow thrilling eSports competitions, attend fan events, and grab exclusive merchandise across platforms. These actions will fill your eFootball Points balance, giving you access to fantastic in-game rewards such as club kits, skill/position trainers, and more. Once you’ve linked your game account to your Konami ID, you can easily monitor your points by visiting the eFootball Point Shop.

Redeeming Your Well-Earned eFootball Points

Now, let’s unlock the treasure chest! To make the most of your eFootball Points in eFootball 2023, the first step is to link your game account with your Konami ID. You can do this by scanning the in-game 2D barcode or visiting the website with your browser. Once linked, the Terms of Use Agreement will appear, and after accepting it, you will gain the ability to spend your hard-earned eFootball Points.

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But wait, there’s more! Achieving specific in-game tasks, like earning a high rank in Division 1, will reward you with additional eFootball Points. These rewards can be redeemed at the eFootball Shop for player cards and various in-game items. Keep in mind, though, that these rewards come with an expiration date. So, make sure to claim them from the Inbox before midnight on the last day of the month, six months after receiving them.

Utilizing Your eFootball Points Effectively

The eFootball Points system, although praised for its unconventional approach, does have some limitations. These points do not carry over to a new season and have a set expiration date. As a savvy player, it’s crucial to spend them wisely before they vanish. One excellent way to utilize your points is by purchasing Level Training Programs, which boost both player GP and EXP levels.

GP (Global Points) is another valuable currency that can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Spend your GP on hiring new managers, signing players, purchasing player items, renewing contracts, and even earning up to 500 eFootball Points on match days. It’s your ticket to a more successful and rewarding gaming journey.

Oh, and in case you own eFootball Points on multiple platforms, transferring them to your primary platform is a breeze. Simply click “Link” on the eFootball Points website, and your points will seamlessly replenish on the desired platform.

Go ahead, seize the opportunity! Earn and redeem eFootball Points like a champion and watch your in-game achievements soar to new heights in eFootball 2023 Mobile!

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