How to Earn eFootball Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile

konami efootball points

Konami recently unveiled an update for their football game efootball 2023 mobile, designed to enhance player experiences.

Developer has added various new features to the game, such as revamping myClub mode.

Players can now more quickly earn and redeem eFootball Points by integrating their game account with a KONAMI ID.

How to earn eFootball Points?

Konami has brought back eFootball points in their new version of eFootball 2023 mobile, giving players access to virtual currency that will help them purchase in-game items and player cards. Earning these eFootball points may not be straightforward though; many players aren’t certain how they can acquire these virtual points in-game – we have some information here that should make this easier!

First and foremost, make sure your eFootball 2023 account is linked with a KONAMI ID. Otherwise, redeeming your eFootball Points may prove challenging; to check if this is indeed the case, log onto the KONAMI ID website and verify whether or not your gaming accounts have been associated.

Once you have established an eFootball 2023 gaming account linked with your KONAMI ID, the next step should be playing and earning eFootball Points within the game. These can be earned through playing core titles of the series, tuning into eSports competitions or participating in various in-game events.

There are four kinds of eFootball Points you can redeem, such as Legend Version and Iconic Moment versions of certain player cards, Club Kits and Training Level Programs, or exchange for training modules to improve overall ratings of your players.

Importantly, Konami indicates that your eFootball Points expire six months after you claim them from your Inbox; however, please keep in mind there may be a delay before expired Points appear in your Inbox.

As part of eFootball 2023, there are multiple ways to earn eFootball Points: from daily login bonuses and in-game events to completing challenges for various players or items in-game – so be sure to log into your eFootball account frequently and participate in these events!

How to redeem eFootball Points?

If you have been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 on any of its supported platforms – PS4, Xbox One or Steam – and earning Datapack 3.0 points through it, they may have accrued some eFootball Points which don’t transfer over and have an expiration date that must be honored before redemption can take place. In order to do this, link your Konami ID account with your game profile before redeeming them and redeem before their value has expired.

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Once that has been accomplished, you can begin earning eFootball Points daily by engaging with core titles and participating in eSports competitions. To increase the amount of points earned each day by linking multiple in-game profiles with your Konami ID account – though only one account at a time can redeem its earnings with redeemable eFootball Points at any one time.

The eFootball Point Program was designed to give players various rewards, including in-game items. You can exchange eFootball Points for items at the SHOP located inside your in-game menu; and there are also numerous contests and events dedicated to eFootball Points!

With your eFootball Points, you can purchase any of the following items:

Based on your platform, Konami also offers dedicated campaigns and offers that allow viewers to earn eFootball Points by watching live streams during major football events. Plus, using your eFootball Points for upgrades myClub rewards like rare club kits and Skill/Position Trainers!

Once you’ve earned enough eFootball Points, you can visit the SHOP to redeem them. Redeeming is quick and simple – simply select your item of choice and follow the prompts to agree to the eFootball Point Program Terms of Service before enjoying your newly purchased items!

Are You Missing Out on Redeeming eFootball Points? They expire every six months on the final day of every month from when you claim them from Your Inbox, making now an opportune time to do so! My Konami offers an easy way of tracking these expiration dates as well as your usage history of Points received and redeemed over time.

What are eFootball Points?

eFootball Points are the virtual currency of the eFootballTM Series. Players who engage with core titles, watch eSports competitions or participate in myClub mode can earn these eFootball Points to use towards various in-game items and bonuses across platforms. To use your Konami ID with your game account before redeeming any eFootball Points can do so directly.

Once linked, eFootball Points can be redeemed for weekly Featured Players, Club Kits and Rare Managers as well as to renew contract extensions, bid for scouts or buy additional managers. You can even use them to purchase training programs designed to raise player levels across their positions.

2023 edition of eFootball Championship Pro features six of the world’s premier clubs as part of its roster: FC Barcelona, Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Arsenal FC and AS Roma have joined 2022 champion AS Monaco as KONAMI partner clubs as part of its expanded field.

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For this new edition of eFootball Points will be used to unlock special player items and bonuses; even some legendary stars could become available through hard work! However, please keep in mind that eFootball Points do come with an expiration date; their validity expires six months after you first received them in your inbox at 23:59:59 UTC/GMT on the final day of any month at 23:59:59 (GMT/UTC).

PES League provides users with an opportunity to compete online against other users and earn up to 500,000 eFootball Points each season from winning matches, with this reward also unlocking special in-game rewards such as the game’s Champions Trophy.

To earn eFootball Points in the new version of the game, players must first link their Konami ID accounts with their game accounts, before selecting an eFootball Points option from the Store tab in-game. While the process should be relatively straightforward, before moving forward you will need to agree to the eFootball Point Program Terms of Use first.

How do I get eFootball Points?

Konami’s popular football franchise eFootball 2023 will finally make its mobile debut. Players will experience new gameplay elements and ways to earn in-game currency such as premium coins (eFootball Coins), points, and GP – which can all be used to purchase items in the eFootball Shop.

eFootball Points are awarded when players achieve in-game objectives and can be used to buy new players or club kits and training programs through the eFootball Shop.

In order to maximize the value of their eFootball points, players should invest them in improving their team’s playstyle rating – the higher this number is, the smoother will be their game experience. Furthermore, saving GP will allow them to purchase legendary cards when available.

Konami has launched a multi-platform player incentive campaign designed to maximize their experience of the eFootball Point Program, and take full advantage of it. Players will then be able to link all PES 2021 accounts across platforms into one KONAMI ID account and redeem any earned eFootball Points regardless of where they were earned.

Konami states that eFootball Points expire at 23:59:59 UTC on the final day of every month six months after they were claimed from players’ inboxes.

To redeem their eFootball Points, players will need to open the eFootball Shop from within PES 2021 mobile and tap on the shopping cart icon in the upper left corner. They then need to follow prompts and accept the Terms of Use to obtain their item. Alternatively, My Konami is available as a way of monitoring eFootball Point balances and usage histories while changing KONAMI IDs at any time if desired.