How to Earn eFootball Points in PES 2023 Using Your Konami Login

konami login efootball points

eFootball Points are the currency you can use to purchase in-game items. This can be accomplished through winning events, meeting objectives or receiving daily login bonuses – among many other methods.

Before redeeming eFootball points, your game account must first be linked with your KONAMI ID. You can verify this data link status both within-game and at My KONAMI website.

How to link your game account with your Konami ID

If you want to play eFootball 2022 on multiple devices, linking your game account with your Konami ID is recommended for optimal gameplay experience. By doing so, your data will remain safe even after updates to the game are applied. To create one visit Konami’s official website and select first time visitor option before providing details like age, country, email ID, password, terms & conditions acceptance before agreeing on terms & conditions agreement before creating ID via system generated Card Game IDs system will generate for you a unique Card Game ID number!

Once registered, your username and password can be used to login and manage your account. After that, you can begin playing the game! Easily transfer it between devices by following these simple steps – launch the game on one device, click on its submenu from the top-right corner, navigate to “Data”, click “Link KONAMI ID/Set up Card Game ID” then clicking “Link/Create New Game IDs”.

Once completed, you’ll get a QR code and link that can be opened in your browser. Your account will then be associated with the KONAMI ID you used when registering; alternatively, if you prefer starting over, simply delete this ID from your account altogether.

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Redeeming eFootball Points

Once you’ve earned enough eFootball points, they can be redeemed in the Shop. In order to do this, your KONAMI ID must be linked with your game account and agree to the Terms of Use of eFootball Point Program before you can redeem them.

At Round 1 matchday events, you can earn up to 400 eFootball Points that can be redeemed in the Shop for rewards such as rare club kits, skill/position trainers and player items. Furthermore, using these points unlock special matchday events with specific preset teams.

Another key aspect of the eFootball Points system is that it’s cross-platform – meaning you can redeem them in PES 2021 on any of the supported platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, Steam or mobile (iOS/Android).

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your eFootball Points can only be linked with one game account at any given time; so if you play across different platforms make sure the one you use the most often gets linked with its points. Furthermore, these eFootball Points expire six months from when they were sent directly into your Inbox; so if they won’t be used anytime soon claim them before losing them!

Checking the Points Left in Your Account

To maximize eFootball Points, ensure that each platform’s game account is linked with one KONAMI ID. By doing this, you will be able to easily trade in-game items and bonuses between platforms. If you have multiple KONAMI IDs available to you, choose which one(s) you intend on using going forward by unlinking any game accounts linked with them.

To check on the status of your KONAMI ID data linkage, either check in-game via [Link KONAMI ID] or visit My KONAMI website and go to [Account Information]. Once your game account is linked to a KONAMI ID, redeeming eFootball Points can begin!

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Pro Evolution Soccer series players (known internationally as PES and in Japan as Winning Eleven) can now benefit from an innovative way to unlock in-game items, bonuses and rewards – the eFootball Point Program! By participating in events or campaigns within game you can earn eFootball Points that can then be exchanged for items across platforms.

The inaugural round of eFootball Points will run from December 7th to May 9th 2021 and can award up to 400 eFootball Points for completing certain tasks or playing the games. Furthermore, participants will earn additional points by tuning into eSports competitions or engaging with PES titles from core series titles.

Using eFootball Points

eFootball Points (eFPs) are one of the hallmark features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2023 mobile, enabling players to unlock additional items and players through unlockable eFootball points. But it may be confusing for newcomers. We have created this guide on how to use eFootball points in PES 2023 mobile game to assist newcomers.

Step one is linking your game account with your KONAMI ID. This can be accomplished by selecting the Extra tab and then clicking ‘Link Data Using KONAMI ID. After linking data, proceed to the eFootball Points page to redeem rewards and make payments.

Progression points are the new in-game currency in eFootball 2023 and can be spent to improve playstyle or attributes of an individual player. A higher playstyle rating equals improved performance on the field.

Players can earn eFootball points by playing core titles of the PES series and competing in eSports competitions, visiting Konami website or purchasing physical copies of game. Furthermore, they can purchase additional points by logging in their myClub section of KONAMI account; then these points can be used to purchase items and players within PES 2023 mobile game.