How to Get the Most Out of My Konami eFootball Points in PES 2021

my konami efootball points

PES 2021 offers players an efootball points system which enables them to accumulate items and bonuses. To take full advantage of it, players should link their game accounts with their KONAMI IDs.

All efootball points have an expiration date: they’ll become invalid at 23:59:59 on the final day of every month six months after you claim them from your inbox.

How to earn efootball points

PES 2021 introduces the efootball points program, enabling players to earn rewards across platforms. You can then redeem these efootball points in the SHOP to purchase in-game items and bonuses. In order to take part, first link your game account with KONAMI ID before redeeming them across supported platforms.

Earning eFootball Points requires taking part in various activities in myClub and the main game mode, including playing core titles in the eFootball series, attending eSports tournaments and engaging with myClub content. Players can also earn these points by creating an Xbox Live account or downloading PES from either store – so don’t hesitate to join your club today to start earning points!

MyClub uses GP as the main currency to purchase items and upgrade players. Players can even use it to purchase Legend players or special Club Kits with GP. GP can be earned by competing in tour event matches; however, its lifespan expires six months post claim so it is best to claim every week or twice weekly to avoid losing it all! Additionally, players can gain additional efootball points by fulfilling certain career mode objectives such as signing four Special Players from Special Players List and winning five tour event matches – making GP indispensable.

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How to redeem efootball points

Are You Wondering How Efootball Points Work? In order to make the most out of your efootball points, it’s essential that you understand their functionality. Once accumulated, these points can be redeemed at Konami’s in-game shop for rewards such as contracts, player cards and position boosts; but only if your game account is linked with your Konami ID.

To link your game account with your KONAMI ID, launch PES 2021 and scan the 2D barcode displayed before it expires – this will direct you to My KONAMI website where, upon arriving at its homepage, simply click [Proceed] or [Back]. From then on you can start spending eFootball Points within the game itself.

eFootball Points is a virtual currency used for myClub mode purchases, as well as transferrable between platforms; so that mobile play on the commute can transfer over onto PlayStation or Xbox console play when you get home! In order to access and spend eFootball Points, first link your game account with your KONAMIID and accept its Terms of Use Agreement; to check this status visit My KONAMI and select [Account Information]. If any difficulties arise regarding this process please reach out directly KONAMI representatives directly KONAMI representatives will assist in any way possible!

Expiration date of efootball points

If you have eFootball points with konami, they can be used to purchase in-game items. Earn yours through participating in Konami campaigns and engaging with core titles of the eFootball series as well as tuning into eSports events. Daily login deals and completing objectives also earn points; redeem these for players and items that are added or refreshed every month!

To keep your eFootball points valid, it is essential that you keep tabs on their expiration dates regularly. You can do so by logging into My KONAMI and going to [KONAMI ID] > [Account Information] > [Linked Accounts].

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Your contract renewal tickets provide another effective method for keeping an eye on when your eFootball points expire. Each one features various star ratings and can be used in the Special Players menu to add replacement players if existing ones expire prematurely. Keep in mind, though, that these tickets have an expiration date; any contracts claimed must be used within six months or they’ll become invalid.

After various delays, eFootball 2023 for mobile devices is finally here! Konami has implemented numerous changes into this version, such as Contract Renewal Tickets that we will discuss here and provide some tips to make the most of them.

Requirements to redeem efootball points

Players looking to redeem efootball points must first make sure their KONAMI ID data is linked with the game; otherwise they could experience problems that need to be resolved until KONAMI resolves its server issues.

eFootball points are an in-game virtual currency in the Pro Evolution Soccer series that can be used to unlock various bonuses across platforms. They can be earned by playing core titles in the franchise and competing in eSports events; or used to purchase in-game items in myClub mode.

Once you have amassed enough points, use them to unlock exclusive rewards such as new kits and player items from our shop menu in eFootball 2022. Plus contract renewals! Don’t miss out; collect as many points as you can today to redeem in 2022!

Beside rewards, Matchday events provide another way for you to gain eFootball points: by competing in them. Each of these events consists of two preset teams and one custom one, offering up to 400 eFootball points per event you complete – however keep in mind that any rewards that have expired should be checked regularly in your Inbox to see if any have gone beyond six months’ expiration period.