How to Link Your Konami Login Efootball Points

Konami login eFootball Points can be redeemed in the shop for various rewards, and players can earn them by participating in matchday events or other activities.

To get started with eFootball Points, first link your game account with your KONAMI ID. To do this, launch your game and navigate to the eFootball Point menu – when prompted enter in your KONAMI ID as well as agreeing to the Terms of Service of eFootball Program Terms of Use.

How to link a Konami ID to your game account

KONAMI recently made an exciting change to their popular Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel game and introduced a feature allowing players to link their account across platforms, providing added protection should you ever switch devices or platforms. Simply follow these steps!

To begin, first launch the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel app on your primary device and press the submenu button in the top-right corner of the screen to access Data Transfer. This will bring up a window with both a QR code and web link, so simply scan or click either to launch a browser that will allow you to login into your Konami ID account.

Once logged in, the game will prompt you to accept its Terms and Conditions before automatically syncing your account across devices and enabling you to continue playing where you left off.

This process also works for other KONAMI games that support this feature, including PES Mobile 2022 (renamed as eFootball after its update). So if you plan to switch devices or platforms soon, ensure that you follow these simple steps to link your account before it’s too late!

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How to redeem eFootball Points

Konami’s soccer games use eFootball Points as currency. You can use these points to unlock special player items and contract renewals; all that’s necessary to redeem your points is linking your Konami ID with your game account and redeeming them via the store tab in your game.

To earn eFootball Points, complete various challenges in Dream Team mode. Challenges may involve participating in certain events or entering codes from KONAMI website; each challenge offers different rewards; some require high team strength to complete successfully.

Players can earn eFootball points by achieving specific objectives within myClub, such as training a specific skill or winning a particular match. They may also earn GP when purchasing skills tokens or position boosts from myClub Store.

Players can earn eFootball Points by viewing live streams through Konami Campaign Site during key football events and special periods when live streaming will take place, which will be broadcast in multiple languages. To take part, participants must have linked one KONAMI ID account across platforms (PES 2021/others).

How to check the eFootball Points left in your account

Your remaining eFootball Points are displayed prominently at the upper-right of the screen, or you can check them from within Settings menu.

Use eFootball Points to purchase special rewards such as player items, contract renewals and more. In addition, using these Points you can trade players on the Transfer Market but be aware that trading players will decrease your eFootball Point balance in your account.

To take advantage of eFootball Points, first link your game account with your KONAMI ID and agree to the Terms of Use for eFootball Point Program. KONAMI My KONAMI provides information about data linkage status – select [Account Information] then “Linked Mobile Accounts”.

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All eFootball Points come with an expiration date: they will lapse at 23:59:59 of the final day in six months following when you claimed them from your Inbox, without refund.

If you have multiple KONAMI IDs, choose which IDs will be linked with your game account going forward and disconnect any that aren’t. You can check how many eFootball points have been claimed in-game by selecting [Settings] > Online Settings and checking their balance in-game. Once linked correctly with KONAMI accounts, redeem eFootball Points!

How to check your eFootball Points balance

Konami’s soccer games include an innovative currency known as eFootball Points that players can use to obtain special rewards, like contract renewals and player items. But first they must be earned; to do this players need to link a Konami ID account with their game profiles in order to do this.

Once a KONAMI ID has been linked with a game account, its associated eFootball Points can be redeemed on any platform. As one KONAMI ID cannot be linked with multiple game accounts at once, to avoid confusion KONAMI suggests linking only their primary game account with their eFootball Points account.

Fans of PES series games will be pleased to learn that 2022 Mobile version has brought back one of its more beloved features – eFootball Points can be used to acquire various teams and in-game items, but it’s essential that they’re used effectively!

Therefore, if you plan on playing eFootball 2022 Mobile this year, make sure you connect your game account to Konami ID before November ends or risk losing all your data and starting all over. Furthermore, if your game account has not been used within six months of linking it to Konami ID it will be removed from player lists and you may need to start from scratch again.