How’s It Hanging Game

How’s It Hanging Game
Video how’s it hanging game

How much do you trust your hip thrusting technique? There are a number of games you can play by hanging everyday objects by a string down from your waist. Use the momentum generated by your thrusts to swing a weight like a croquet mallet and knock a ball into a target. Impress your friends will precision hip action, or give them something to laugh at as you lose control of your swinging attachment.

You will need

  • String
  • A banana. Other objects can be used. It simply needs to be a weight you can hang between your legs.
  • 2 oranges. Tennis balls, or any similar sized ball, will work fine too. Optional: A hula hoop.


  1. Tie the string around your waist so that the end of the string dangles down to the floor in front of you from your pelvis.
  2. Tie (or otherwise attach) this hanging end of the string to the end of a banana. While you are standing the banana should be hanging several inches off the floor. You now have a banana mace that you can swing by moving your hips.
  3. Place oranges on the ground near you.
  4. Mark out a target area on the ground on the other side of the room. This might be a simple circle of string on the floor. A hula hoop is a good option. The thickness of the hope makes a more challenging obstacle to get the oranges over. More forceful hip thrusts may be required to overcome this challenge.
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The aim is to swing the banana between you legs in order to knock the oranges into the target area. Stand with an orange a few inches in front of your, take aim, and swing your weight so the banana is propelled ahead of you, hopefully batting the orange along the ground in the intended direction.

Once one orange is sitting in the target area, go back and do the same thing for the second fruit. Once both oranges are in the target area, you have succeeded!

You will need a little space to play this competitively. If you can, give each player enough space for their own oranges and target area. If they do end up getting in each other’s way, though, it’s only more fun to watch. The first player to get the oranges in the target area wins!

While you’ve got that string wrapped around your waist, here’s another fun game:

Put Your Pencil In

You will need

  • A pencil A plastic bottle


  1. Use the string to hang the pencil between your legs from your waist.
  2. However, unlike the banana in the previous game, the pencil should be behind you, hanging down from your backside. The pencil should hang straight down, vertically, so tie the string to the end of the pencil, not the middle.
  3. Place the plastic bottle on the floor between your legs. This is the new target area!


The challenge is to inset the pen into the mouth of the plastic bottle by lowering your hips towards the floor. Not being able to clearly see what you are doing is part of what makes this game difficult. You will also be combating social embarrassment, as the sight of somebody attempting this feet is rather comical. The shameless will prevail.

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The first player to squat the pencil into the plastic bottle is the winner!