9 Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World: Than Ma Continent

[Hướng dẫn] 9 Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World: Than Ma Continent

Forsaken World: Than Ma Continent offers a variety of exhilarating cross-server activities that allow players to showcase their skills and engage in thrilling battles. From epic PvP battles to challenging tower confrontations, here are nine exciting activities that will keep you hooked.

Hegemony 3vs3: A Place to Honor Fighting Skills

Also known as “Three Kings Fighting for Hegemony,” 3vs3 provides a fair battlefield for players to demonstrate their fighting prowess. Starting at level 60, characters can form teams or rely on the system’s matchmaking. After eight rounds of intense competition, the team with the highest kill count emerges victorious. Rewards include feathers, lock diamonds, and mystic wings, with quantities based on battle points accumulated.

Frozen Valley: PK Battleground

This perpetual icy domain is home to a surplus of magic, perpetually unsettling the continent’s heroes. Starting from level 40, characters can venture into this chilly battleground. By capturing all five bases, players earn points for their side and material rewards. The team with the most accumulated points at the end of the activity period claims victory and receives Magical Energy, Pet Spiritual Soul – Epic, Personality Avatar, and Secret Magical Energy.

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Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

Dark Battlefield: Conquer the 9 Floors of Towers

Prepare for a showdown between the God of Darkness and the God of the Moon across nine perilous tower floors. The difficulty intensifies as you ascend, with unique rewards awaiting on each floor. This battle occurs only for 30 minutes every Tuesday, from 9:30 p.m. to 9:59 p.m. Characters at level 40 and above can participate, and triumph grants fame throughout the server.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

Storm Illusion: Defeat Your Opponents Swiftly

Storm Illusion is a guild activity that takes place every Friday from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Characters at level 40 and above can engage in monster and boss battles while activating PvP mode, enabling them to attack each other. The guild that proves its strength and defeats the most bosses earns rewards such as medals, sacred treasures, and rare sacred treasures.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

Death Hunting Ground: Unleash Your Skills in the Zombie Game

This thrilling feature introduces a zombie game within an MMORPG. Players transform into humans or blood clans, divided into two factions destined to face each other. Humans win by surviving until the end or eliminating the entire blood clan, while the blood clan attempts to annihilate all humans. The blood clan elite is chosen based on the number of enemies destroyed, while the humans select the elite based on their survival time.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

A Boy Steals Globin and Finds the Treasure

This daily activity is tailored for individuals or teams of up to five characters at level 101 or higher. Players embark on a quest to find the Globin thief and recover the stolen treasure. The reward lies in defeating Globin within the time limit. Rich rewards await, including secret magical energy, shining stars, guild contributions, key diamonds, rare equipment, and many other enticing prizes.

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Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

The Road to Glory: Unveiling Your Own Treasure

At 11:00 every day, players embark on a quest to destroy bosses, collect chests, and defeat enemies to accumulate points and claim the ultimate reward. This simple yet adrenaline-pumping activity has garnered immense popularity due to its competitive nature.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

The War of the Warlords: Showcase Your Leadership Skills

Designed for characters at level 100 or higher, The War of the Warlords challenges players to fulfill leadership duties, including taking oaths, spreading rumors, mobilizing detectives, launching heavy attacks, chasing traitors, and detaining enemies. Players receive up to three daily missions and special rewards upon completion as recognition for their leadership capabilities.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

Temple Labyrinth: Pushing Your Limits

The Temple Labyrinth is both a rewarding treasure hunt and a test of limits, open to characters at level 40 and above. Rewards include treasure items, pet skill gifts, ghost orange stones, illusion crystals, stones, and upgrade stones.

Cross-Server Activities in Forsaken World

Forsaken World: Than Ma Continent has captivated players since its release on May 13, particularly with its engaging guild feature. New players can enter the code GIANHAPBANGHOI on the game’s homepage and receive Soul Refining Stone, Griffon Heart, Bright Feather, Tier 1 Equipment Chest, and Calindor Hero Title to aid them in their clan battles.

For an unforgettable gaming experience filled with epic battles and thrilling challenges, explore the captivating world of Forsaken World: Than Ma Continent.

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