“I don’t like Nga Mi, but every time I compete for Top, I have to play Nga Mi!”

"I don't like Nga Mi, but every time I compete for Top, I have to play Nga Mi!"

Recently, during the Top 1 award ceremony, we had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Tran Hieu (owner of account “0”) and share about his time with Ỷ Thien 3D over many years. If you don’t know, Mr. Hieu is one of the first players, he has been in this playing field for 5 years and has accumulated a treasure of extremely valuable experience that makes many other players admire him.


Mr. Tri Hieu (blue shirt), owner of account “0”, received the Top 1 reward after the recent event.

If we temporarily ignore server 130, from server 33, Mr. Hieu and the account “Qeency” are already one of the masters with exceptional fighting power in the entire server. “That’s right, I also have to have my own experience and knowledge. Why do some people like to play Ancient Tomb but I have to be Nga Mi? – Mr. Hieu commented.

Nga Mi is the class that Mr. Hieu relies on to use during the Top race.

When asked about the Nga Mi sect, Mr. Hieu candidly shared: “In this race for the top I don’t have many opponents. There were only 1 or 2 people, but thanks to his experience and playing style, he was far ahead of them. Let me tell you, I don’t like this Nga Mi faction, but if it is a top race, I will play the Nga Mi faction. Like S131’s Top, he also chose Nga Mi to play, which has a lot of advantage over other factions.”

According to him, this event did not find too difficult opponents.

I must admit that, as expected after having spent 5 years fighting with Thien 3D, Mr. Hieu has accumulated many exclusive tips for himself. Not many people know how to leverage Nga Mi’s strengths to compete for the top, nor are many people willing to share useful information such as:

  • Before you decide to rush to the top, TRY some older servers, understand the event packs, and get used to the speed of your strength increase.

  • EXPERIENCE all classes in the game to find the right direction for you. Not classes that farm fast, PK with fast combat… should be played automatically.

  • Playing requires brothers, you don’t need to be too strong, but you must always have the support of the forces behind you to roll with confidence.

He also didn’t hesitate to share plenty of unique tips on the best races.

Throughout the conversation, Mr. Hieu also sent a message to his friends and opponents across the server: “The brothers play with enthusiasm, have fun and get along well. If there is a conflict we can resolve it privately, we don’t have to go to the world channel to shout about it, sometimes it is a headache. Playing is for fun and entertainment, if playing makes you feel more frustrated then playing is not fun. In the end, I only hope that they remain as enthusiastic as they are now, so that this playground can develop even further.”


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After 5 years of development, Y Thien 3D gradually became an ARPG monument in the hearts of fans.

And Thien 3D was officially released in the third quarter of 2016. After 5 years of development, the game has become one of the most popular games in the ARPG genre. Thien 3D not only possesses strengths in gameplay, but also appeals to many players through a series of stories about players, guild members, and a series of dramatic moments of competition.

To get all the detailed information about Thien 3D, readers can find it directly at: https://www.facebook.com/ythiendolongky3d