I used to be despised by society, thinking that there is no future

I used to be despised by society, thinking that there is no future

Streamer – The industry is “despised”

5 years ago, the Streamer title was still a pretty strange thing for the community, even for the gaming community. Although some of the biggest names in the Streamer village were around from this point on, his reputation was not enough to build a truly influential career in society. At the same time, the concept of Talent House and a support system for content creators on Facebook has not yet been able to be professionalized, which makes the development capacity of Streamer or Content Creator in Vietnam only stop at the level of “whose hand”. the flag goes to, waved”.

Take AOE – Empire as a good example. As a game with a large community and revived esports very early, “stable” is still a far word for Empire players 5 years ago. There was the Sparrow Goes to the Sun, a name considered a prodigy of the people of the Empire at that time, a symbol of the talent and influence of young people, but completely unrelated to the work of “getting up and standing up.” microphone”. At that time, he was only known as a gamer, a name that appeared in many tournaments, but interacting with millions of fans and tens of thousands of viewers was an unprecedented image.

Not just the Empire, big game hunting communities like Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, FIFA Online…also share a similar perspective. There are talents, but the land of martial arts is rare. Therefore, pursuing a career in Livestreaming, making money from their own strengths and interests is extremely difficult for Streamers.

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Livestream Boom – The Age of Real Time

Faced with such a huge barrier, the Streamer community really needs a stature “go-between” to support, connect and help Streamers, even agencies and talent houses, to become more professional. More practical is a stable job, a decent source of income and a position to develop their full potential, which is really what they have always lacked.

In that context, Mr. Pham Ba Duy – CEO from OTA Network, a gaming MCN and exclusive partner of Facebook Gaming in Vietnam, has become a bridge to help and take the Streamer community to the next level. With the role of intermediary to connect the platform and the Content Creator, the young CEO helped create a strong wave of Streamers that exploded on Facebook in 2018. At that time, the name “Creator” with the income of one of the most large social media platforms in the world, is indeed the desire and pride of many young people.

CEO Pham Ba Duy – OTA Network, Gaming MCN and Exclusive Partner
of Facebook Gaming in Vietnam.

Back sparrow goes to the sun, with the opportunity to be active on the Facebook Gaming platform, has become known as an extremely successful and popular Streamer, typically with 1.4 million followers and a record number of Livestream viewers. Even the Sun Sparrow indices rank first in the world and in the region, as evidenced by the Stream Hatchet report in the past 2021 and 2022.

But creating the opportunity for a Streamer to develop into a stable career, with a good income from his passion, is not the only stipulation that the Empire community receives. Big tournaments sponsored by Facebook Gaming and OTA Network, Gaming Creator Talent House and Agency models turning professional, are also this young CEO’s contributions to the community.


Not only Empire, but also gaming communities like Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, FIFA Online, also benefit from this. names like blue name, Teachers Commune, Sunny, bank killer… since they had the opportunity to work on the Facebook platform, they have become talented and famous Streamers to later become icons for young people like today.

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Standing on today’s milestone, looking back, those great contributions and dedications from CEO Pham Ba Duy have truly pushed Livestream to become a respected, vocal and most of all truly professional industry in Vietnam. Without that bridge and support, surely Streamer and the Livestream industry nowadays cannot have a great position and respect from the society.