Ice Dragon: Super beast Gunny PC has a “top of the top” buffalo

Ice Dragon: Super beast Gunny PC has a "top of the top" buffalo

In Gunny PC, Ice Dragon is the only pet with 6 skills when fighting. However, the notable point of this pet is that upon taking final damage, the Frozen Dragon will fall into a frozen state and will respawn after 2 turns if it is in a burned state, the remaining instances will be destroyed.

Ice Dragon is known as “super beast”

Frozen when running out of health and revived by “last hit” due to Fire Dog’s bleed

The most effective tip for the Ice Dragon when fighting is to bring the Ice Turtle, Ice Thorn and Frost Armor skills (3 skills +12% burn resistance); Roaring Dragon, Frost Shield (Shield), Icy Rage (3 skills resistance to armor penetration +10%).

The Ice Breath ability is great when cast.

According to Ice Dragon fans, this pet has the advantage of being very “buffalo” because it has a Shield in the first 3 turns or after every 8 turns. Therefore, if the opponent plays “full damege” with the Ice Dragon, it is a waste, so when this favorite character goes into battle, it at least creates initial apprehension for the opponent. This can be considered to be the first “top” position created by the Ice Dragon. In addition, the ability to quickly revive and kill enemies below 15% HP also causes enemies to be immediately stunned or killed if the Ice Dragon maxes “hiding” and simultaneously enhances the Roaring Dragon’s ability.

The most optimal Ice Dragon ability to use in combat is Frozen Breath (costs 3 fury), before using this ability players should choose a safe place because after using it they will take a few turns of themselves. A good hiding place will also help the character increase a large amount of damage in 3 turns, and this is the time to take advantage of this to finish off the enemy.​

The amount of damage 3 turns later becomes huge.

Frozen Dragon is only recommended for gunners whose characters are level 60 or higher. If seen at full strength of him, this pet is Gunner rated at 8.5/10 points. However, possessing only passive abilities, Frozen Dragon needs to have 2-3 awakenings of the Frozen Rage ability to max out his power.

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In short, Frozen Dragon is still a big question mark in Gunny PC’s pet system because success or failure in the matches will depend on the knowledge and competitive skills of the player. However, having a buffalo pet when participating in battle is also an important factor in showing the opponent the “longevity” in the arena of the character. Frozen Dragon continues to be very good value for money across all games.