Ideal eSports tournament hosting platform

Ideal eSports tournament hosting platform

No matter what language you speak or what part of the world you’re heading to, Kombatlink has your back with multilingualism.

The experience of watching or even playing in an eSports tournament created by someone else is completely different from experiencing a tournament you host yourself. Scheduling and making sure technical issues aren’t overlooked can be overwhelming, so let Kombatlink take care of this for you.

I – Easy and Automated Tournament Creation

Kombatlink is designed and built by gamers, ensuring ease of use whether you’re a novice or a seasoned event planner. Kombatlink’s goal is to support everyone who wants to create a tournament: schools, internet cafes, streamers, gaming communities and even big brands. If you don’t know how to set it up, Kombatlink is here to help and guide you. Here are some key features:

  • Create your tournament using any of the available frame types (qualifiers, main events, single events)

  • Create modes (solo or team)​

  • Competition format (knockout, doubles, individual round FFA).​

  • Set who can register to attend: public (everyone) or private, so you can invite selected teams.​

  • Our dispute resolution service will handle disagreements between players and collect all the information for you to decide the outcome.

  • Our chat feature keeps your audience connected. Players can chat privately with each other or use group chat during the tournament.

II – What separates Kombatlink from other platforms

1. Automatically resize the frame

Kombatlink has a smart framing system that can be activated by the organizer. This system will keep track of event registrants, so you no longer have to. In the event that the number of subscribers does not meet their initial goal, Kombatlink’s intelligent system will resize to the next lower lineup so that each team has an opponent. If this feature is not activated, our smart support system will maintain the current number of subscribers, find the next possible lineup for that support type, and limit the number of games played by unopposed teams, so the tournament can continue.

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2. Tickets to the event

Kombatlink’s seating tool allows you to design your venue so you can sell tickets to your next event. Organizers can create beautiful QR code-scannable tickets with their own custom banners to represent the brand.


Tournament Manager

You can set up the tournament with two options live and online. You can automate interaction between players to take responsibility for checking events and submitting the results of your games, or you can take full control of the tournament process, moving your players through each round of the event and deciding who wins each match. , you can decide which method is the most suitable for the event you are organizing.


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