IGN’s Editorial Board Criticizes Removal of Article Supporting Palestinians

IGN news site is in trouble

In a surprising turn of events, IGN, the popular news site, is facing criticism from its own editorial board. Members of the board recently published an open letter expressing their dissatisfaction with IGN’s decision to remove an article and tweet supporting charities that aid Palestinian victims of the recent conflict with Israel.

The Controversial Removal

The article and related tweets, which shed light on the attacks on people in the Gaza Strip by the Israel Defense Forces, were initially published on May 15. However, just a day later, without any consultation or permission, IGN removed them. This action raised concerns among the editorial board, prompting them to speak out.

IGN remained silent on the issue for almost 12 hours until finally releasing a statement. According to the company, the content was removed because it deviated from IGN’s purpose. The statement maintained that IGN seeks to demonstrate support for all those affected by tragic events, and by focusing on one side, the post misled IGN into appearing politically affiliated.

The Outrage and Call for Transparency

The editorial board of IGN was outraged by the removal of the article that expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. Over 60 IGN employees voiced their concerns in an open letter published on Medium. They expressed their horror at IGN’s decision, highlighting that it went against the principles of editorial autonomy and journalistic integrity.

The open letter concludes with a strong call for a meeting between the IGN/J2 Global senior management and the editorial board. They demand transparency regarding the chain of events that led to the removal of the article. Additionally, they request a commitment to restore the deleted article and ensure the editorial board’s independence.

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IGN news site is in trouble

A Blatant Disregard for Journalism

The incident at IGN has sparked a debate about the balance between corporate interests and journalistic integrity. Many view it as a clear example of corporate behavior crossing the line. The IGN editorial board believes that removing content supporting Palestinians in their time of crisis displays a blatant disregard for basic standards of journalistic integrity and editorial independence.

The board’s plea for transparency and restoration of the deleted article is a call to uphold the values that IGN was built upon. They are seeking a meeting with senior management to address these concerns and ensure that IGN remains a platform that embraces diverse perspectives.

IGN news site is in trouble

In conclusion, IGN finds itself in a challenging situation as its own editorial board criticizes its recent decision to remove an article expressing support for Palestinians. The board firmly believes that this action compromised the journalistic integrity and editorial independence of IGN. Their open letter and call for a meeting with senior management underscore their commitment to transparency and the restoration of the deleted article. Only time will tell how IGN will respond to this internal backlash and whether they will take steps to address the concerns raised by their own employees.

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