Impressive a successful and emotional tournament

Impressive a successful and emotional tournament

Computer Arena 2023 came to a close with the participation of thousands of spectators at Ha Dong Gymnasium on April 2. Fierce competitions, unique technology spaces, and the presence of famous KOLs have contributed to the success of this program in early 2023.

Computer Arena has yet to show any signs of cooling down

Computer Arena 2023 – A large-scale tournament organized by Intel Vietnam with the company of companies: VNGGames, AOC, Gigabyte, Philips Monitor, ViewSonic, Western Digital and agents: An Phat, Cuong Anh, Hacom, Memoryzone, Phong Vu, Phuc Anh, Quoc Dat, Star Informatics have all come to an end, leaving an unforgettable mark at Ha Dong Gymnasium on April 2.

Computer Arena 2023 at Ha Dong Gymnasium

With nearly 1,500 young people in attendance in Hanoi, Computer Arena 2023 has shown that its heat has never shown any signs of cooling down. Entering Season 12, the show is still keeping the core content by hosting the final round in the form of a LAN PARTY with 02 main contents: game competition and organizing technology experiences with other companies and agents running with the show.

Young people who participate in this occasion will be able to experience the technological space according to new content than in previous seasons. Using VALORANT and TFT in-game stories, attendees will need to go through the booths one by one to take on challenges and collect gold cores. In order to complete the mission, players need to participate in and win mini-games and receive valuable gifts.

Tech booths are “full” of people to experiment.

This is also a “golden” opportunity for young people to experience the latest products for free, as well as receive thousands of preferential vouchers and gifts from technology companies and big agents today in Vietnam.

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Computer Arena 2023 Final Results

This year, Computer Arena 2023 combined with the Campus Tour to bring two main content on the final day: the Truth Arena Showmatch and the VALORANT competition.

In the morning, the Tactics Arena – TFT Showmatch between the top 8 players was carried out in a very explosive way, under the guidance of popular commentators: Manh Meo, Che and Uzi. With a total of 40 points and two times in TOP 1 competition on the day, the Teamfight Tactics champion is none other than the name HNZ MIDFEEDD.

HNZ MIDFEEDD wins Truth Arena 2023

In the afternoon, the attendees enjoyed an extremely attractive “appetizer”: VALORANT Showmatch between Bomman and The Anh 96. The partners who stood shoulder to shoulder with Bomman and The Anh 96 in this showmatch were the two teams that participated in the final of Computer Arena 2023: Dino Star The Meap and Vikings HBT Lazy.

VALORANT showmatch between Bomman and The Anh 96

However, as the team that is most appreciated before the competition, it was not until the 4th overtime on the 2nd map that Vikings HBT Lazy got the final victory with a score of 2-0 and was excellently crowned as champion. 2023 – Valorant with a total prize pool of more than 30 million VND. The second prize worth almost 17 million VND belongs to Dino Star The Meap with impressive chasing efforts. Vikings HVT Team Lofi took third place and fourth place went to Dominus Esport.

Vikings HBT Lazy wins Computer Arena 2023

The two teams participating in the final can be said to have excellent performances. They kept their best spirit throughout the game to achieve beautiful goals and fierce pursuits. It was this that made the entire audience in the stadium mix with the players, experiencing a variety of emotions: from suspense, to tension, to excitement and, finally, an explosion of joy.

The public was immersed in the final of the Computer Arena 2023

Computer Arena 2023 Overview

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Let’s review the impressive moments from Computer Arena 2023 at Dau Ha Dong Gym, Hanoi on April 2, 2023: