In free time at home, the Vietnamese series Tiktoker competed to count… grains of rice, sugar and even pitahaya seeds

In free time at home, the Vietnamese series Tiktoker competed to count... grains of rice, sugar and even pitahaya seeds

In recent days, many provinces and cities across the country have been forced to implement social distancing in accordance with Directive 16 to limit people’s careless outings to spread the disease while promoting prevention work. of epidemics. Nowadays, not only the elderly and the young, but also young children are forced to stay at home, so people have invented many challenges and games to do when they are bored. And one of the popular trends of recent days is counting seeds.

It is unknown who started it, but from the afternoon of August 2 until now, wherever social media users go, they see people counting rice, counting sugar,… The reason why this trend was born is quite simple but extremely significant. people that it is better to stay at home and count the rice than to run on the streets, otherwise the epidemic would spread and more work would be created for epidemic prevention officials.


It seemed like the rice counting live broadcast would be boring, no one cared, but it turned out to be the opposite. Each bead counting video has up to a thousand viewers at the same time, some videos even reach almost 10 thousand viewers, and the discussion is so lively that the victim reads the comments and forgets how many beads he is counting, so he has to go back to count. From the beginning. When talking about Tiktokers counting seeds, Gamehub immediately thinks of cowherd Soytiet, a once-famous internet phenomenon. With him participating, sometimes musicians and DJs have more resources to make music.

Mathematics prodigy, musical genius, counting master – Soytiet.

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